When Calls the Heart Season 9: Filming Start Date Officially Confirmed

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We all are aware for a while now that the When Calls The Heart season 9 shooting would be happening this month. But it is so nice to finally have an official date!

When Calls The Heart Season 9 Shoots To Begin Soon 

In the latest post on Twitter, the executive producer of the show Brian Bird confirmed that 21st July is the date when filming of the new season will begin. The new season filming will be underway in British Columbia. It is also a very comfortable time for the productions to begin. It is because it gives the cast and crew plenty of time to work in some cool climate. It also gives us a special hope that the series might be ready by the end of the year. However only the producers decide where it should be leaded.

Now the question arises that is this post actually confirming the news? can we see some behind the scenes or teases from the cast on that day? The answer is nothing is guaranteed. While this is a fun day for a lot of hearties fans out there but it is also a day of work for the people on the sets. The primary focus will be probably kicking off the season. Now we hope to have a few nuggets here and there.

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When Calls the Heart Season 9: Filming Start Date Officially Confirmed

Expectations From The Series 

When Calls The Heart tends to do a pretty good job of keeping things hush-hush on their sets during the season. We are also sure at this point few more teases will also soon come out after the shoot starts. In the future teasers, we can expect some new news related to cats, or maybe some hints to storylines.

We are sure that at least some of season 9 will be promoted along with Elizabeth and Lucas relationship at the centre. But remember that Hope Valley is a community that is full of interesting people and emotional stories. We also hope that we will hear all about them pretty early when the series returns. We can expect the season 9 premiere in the first quarter of 2022.

You can share your hopes from When Calls The Heart Season 9. Also remember to stay updated with our website, so that you don’t miss any upgrades. For now, let’s wait for the new series of the season.

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