When Dragon Ball sneaked into a Christina Aguilera music video in 1999

Itziar Morte

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It is no secret to anyone that Christina Aguilera at the end of the 90’s and beginning of the 2000, was one of the most listened to and exploding pop music artists in the music industry, however, Dragon Ball had also done its thing and was one of the best known anime in that decade, especially Dragon Ball Z, that is why we bring you the fabulous detail that a Dragon Ball art appears carefully in a video of Aguilera.

christina aguilera dragon ball gt goku

The song and video in question is “What a Girl Wants” in which we can see how a Dragon Ball art appears behind Christina and her “friends” at the party, but the funny thing about this is that the art that appears is from the Dragon Ball GT series, a series that at the time caused a sensation among fans, but not with good reviews, however, this is what matters the least, and although we will not know why the video director included that poster in it, The great thing is to know that one of the best anime appears in a video by an artist of the caliber of Christina Aguilera.

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