When will ‘Riverdale’ Season 6 Episode 6 be on Netflix?

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Riverdale Season 7 could be the last installment according to protagonists of the series

Riverdale is one of the loved and most anticipated series amongst the fans. Now the season 6 of episode is in hiatus and the reports say that the series wont be returning until March 2022. The season 6 of Riverdale premiered with its special Riverdale event. Now the narrative is coming out to be normal with the episode six and now we are seeing the episode coming after the holiday season only. Now the epsiode 5 of the show is now on Netflix in United States, fans are expecting when they can start recieving new episodes from the series.

The season 6 episode 5 of Riverdale, named The Jughead Paradox simply landed on Netflix as of December fifteenth. You also know that the episode first released on The CW before coming to Netflix internationally on the very next day. According to many fans the first 5 episodes of season 6 have been the best ones in the history of entire Riverdale series. With that comes a long wait for the series next set of episodes that will take large amount of time to drop on our streaming services.

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According to the season 6 Riverdale schedule release, the season 6, epsiode 7 is now due to air until March 6th, 2022. This means that netflix internationally wont see the episode 6 of the series Riverdale until March 7th, 2022. Along with that we also got some information about the episode 7 of the series called Death At A Funeral will serve as the 102nd episode of the show’s entire history. It is set to be directed by Tara Dafoe that is written by Ted Sullivan. It will be airing on March 13th on The CW and it will be dropped on Netflix internationally on March 14th.

This news has left fans wondering about why do we have to wait. The makers of the show have not said but if we see the production schedule o the show over the past few years, it is likely to happen that they are just playing a bit of catch up.Also if they release the first five episodes over the holiday season gaining more ad revenue. The season 5 of Riverdale was also severely delayed. Makers were only able to wrap it up in early October 2021.

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Although we have to wait a longer time for the episode 6 of season 6 of Riverdale, we do have a small sneak peek about what we can expect from the upcoming episodes of the series through the promo released by The CW. In the teaser, it is revealed that both Veronica’s and Betty’s friendship might be back in the series.

We also know that Riverdale season 6 wont be coming on Netflix until summer 2022. The series will only be aired once the makers release all of the episodes for the series. For now if you wish to see the uploaded 5 episodes of Riverdale season 6 in United States then you will have to use The CW’s application.

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