Where is Fixer to Fabulous Filmed?

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HGTV’s Fixer To Fabulous is a famous and popular renovation reality TV show that will star all the home renovators, Dave and Jenny Marrs. The show even features Chase Looney who is a famous carpenter with an eye patch that always helps out Marrs when they need something to get done. The show was first aired in 2019 and since then there is no turning back.

The series or movie is all about the couple Marrs renovating their entire neighborhood as they want to restructure all the homes of their locality. They are in constant search of old homes and buildings which are in need of some series of makeovers. Here are some closer details about everything in this series.

HGTV has a very big slew of many couples on their most famous shows. Now let’s see. there’s a chip and Joana Gaines who have also moved onto the Magnolia Network, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Bren of “Nate and Jeremiah by Design” and now “Nate & Jeremiah Brent by Design” of now “Home Town Takeover” which Dave and Jenny Marrs of “Fixer to Fabulous.

The “Fixer to Fabulous” follows the story of Dave and Jenny Marrs as they fix up properties, now taking them from drab to fab. So now the question comes who is Dave and Jenny Marrs. The very famous who have been together for over 15 years and they are together since the time they were dating in college. The relationship was a success even after a long-distance relationship, as Jenny was from Florida and Dave was from Colorado.

Now you must be wondering where HGTV films Fixer To Fabulous was filmed? We found that there are shows who are like “Flip or Flop” and “Love it or List It” is filmed. There are so many HGTV shows which are filmed in Canada but if you want to know the exact locations then keep on reading our article to know more about where Fixer to Fabulous is filmed.

Fixer to Fabulous calls this southern state home

Dave Marris had a very longing wish to build a home in Arkansas which was experiencing a boom at that time. Listening to this Jenny graciously said that she will try to live in Arkansas for a couple of years as well. A statement was released:

“[Jenny] graciously said she would try [living in Arkansas] for a couple of years. And I think, like a lot of people, you move here expecting to stay for a few years and then go back to Chicago, back to Florida, back to somewhere else […] but that was 14 years ago,” And if we believe this it is actually quite incredible that they actually stayed together.

Similar to Napiers of Home Town Takeover, Jenny Marrs and Dave has actually transformed that Bentonville, Arkansas. In addition to this, they also had a big desire to fix many remarkable properties available in the city that boast plenty of history by their side. Dave said in his statement.” We always wanted to build that old-school, old-style home,”. He added, “It was lucky timing — no one else was doing it yet, and it kind of grew. I would love to tell you that I saw it coming, but I didn’t see it coming, or I would have bought ten times the property down there.”

So now if Bentonville, Arkansas sounds familiar too, it is because that is where it all began for Walmart in the year 1950. This draw was the same place for the founders of Walmart as well. This actually proves small town small charm. Now, let us dig deep into the story of the film location.

Fixer To Fabulous Replaced Fixer Upper 

Every curious Fixer to Fabulous viewer is now wondering where the film was actually filmed. From its stripping off the wallpaper to knocking down the halls, both the husband and wife team came at the forefront of the Fixer to Fabulous as it seems to have no limits on what they can do to reimagine all the homes on the show.

Besides that, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing old and ruined parts of the downtrodden home that is completely ripped out to become a house of a dream for some. The HGTV move Fixer to Fabulous also sees many houses which are transformed into new stunningly beautiful houses. The movie also makes us believe that Pininterest dreams can actually come to life. So now let us get to know some things more about the show that completely replaced the Fixer Upper show.

Where is Fixer to Fabulous filmed?

The Fixer to Fabulous filling locations is actually based around Bentonville, Arkansas. Bentonville is the main hometown of both Dave and Jenny Marrs. These two are the main home renovators of the show which were featured. Bentonville, Arkansas is also known as the main birthplace of Walmart which was also mentioned earlier in the article. This city location also boasts some of the many famous locations like The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Arkansas Air Museum, and the very famous Museum of Native American History.

In the series couples together hunt for old houses that are breaking down and after taking the permission they fix them up. The couple is known for their modern design home styling arts and their ultimate passion for renovating the entire city of Bentonville. All the episodes of the series feature the couple residing the old houses into new and eye-catching buildings which look quite appealing.

Fixer to Fabulous Third Season

Season 2 of Fixer to Fabulous premiered on HGTV on October 27th, 2020., The second episode of the series aired on November 17th. The second season of the series ran a total of 11 episodes. The first season of the series was the most popular out of all. This is also the reason why the series was immediately renewed for a second season. But after that coronavirus pandemic happened and the productions for season 3 got delayed. So as of now, we have no updates on whether the makers are planning for a third season or not.

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