Where is Prichard Colon in 2021? Will the Former Boxer Make A Comeback?

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You might have heard about the most promising boxer Prichard Colon. But when you wondered about him, you might also though where is Prichard Colon in 2021?. The very famous and talented Prichard Colon was left in a vegetative state after a 2015 boxing fight with Terrel Williams. According to a recent report, he came in the news for his last month’s surgery and prompted interest in his condition amongst his fans. Let us further discuss Prichard Colon in detail so that the ones who know him might get to know about his health condition, and those who don’t know him will get an idea about him.

Back in the year 2015, two budding Wlterweights fought together at the Eagle Bank Arena. Unfortunately after the fight, only one of them remained the same and a misfortunate incident happened. Terrel William took on the undefeated Super Welterweight Prichard Colon. now let’s further discuss them in detail.

Who is Prichard Colon?

Prichard Colon full name Prichard Colon Melendez is an American former professional boxer and gold medal winner at the 2010 Panamerican Youth Championship. He was seen as one of the most promising prospects or assets in the field of boxing as a sport.  The 28-year-old talent was born in Maitland, Florida. His parents receive Richard COlon who is a retired serviceman. When he was 10 his family moved to Puerto Rico so that Prichard Colon could pursue is an island in boxing competitions.

After he completed his high school, Prichard got enrolled in Unversidad Del Sagrado Corazon in San Juan. He was studying business administration at this college of Puerto Rico. After winning the gold medal at the 2010 Panamerican Youth Championship in the 64 kg category, he was titled a pro boxer with an amateur record of 170-15.

The Punch That Changed Prichard Colon’s Life

Where is Prichard Colon in 2021? Will the Former Boxer Make A Comeback?
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After three years of becoming a pro in 2012, Prichard came up for the fight that changed his life forever. When Prichard came up for a fight against American boxer Terrel Williams at EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia it changed his life forever. Williams beat colon. During the ninth round disqualification after Williams knocked Colon down twice and Colon’s corner removed his gloves now mistakenly thinking that it was the tenth and the final round. He knocked Colon down for the third time with rabbit punches. The referee even called to stop to the fight in the ninth round and Colon slipped into a coma when they got admitted him to the hospital.

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EagleBank Arena Fight

During the beginning of first round of their bout at EagleBank Arena Colon complained that Williams was repeatedly striking him behind his head. During the fifth round, Colon also got deducted with two points for hitting Williams with a low blow that referee Joe Cooper ruled was intentional when Williams went down.

Colon also complained how he was trying to save his back neck from William’s “Rabit Punch” and is considered illegal in boxing. The Reference also called time and waned both the fighters against low and behind the headshots. According to NBC Sports, a ringside doctor examined Colon and told him that he could continue to fight if he wants to despite the dizziness and head pain. After the 9th round, Williams knocked Colon down for the third time with the rabbit punches. Finally, the referee called off the fight in the night round, and after that Colon slipped into a coma and was immediately admitted into the hospital. Colon also underwent surgery to relieve pressure on his brain after the fight on 17th October 2015.

Where Is Prichard Colon Now? How He Is Doing?

Where is Prichard Colon in 2021? Will the Former Boxer Make A Comeback?
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Recently, a TikTok video resurrected also resurrected in the former boxer. Now people want to know about Prichard’s condition and whether he will ever recover or not. The TikTok clip, which was posted by a user called Nikemoi123 now shared in June 2021 and at the time had more than 800,000 likes. Now, if you were wondering about his condition now? Will Prichard Colon ever recover completely?

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The 28 years old boxer today continues to be in occupational therapy at Brooks Rehabilitation in Orange Park, Florida. Due to the fight, he was left with a swelling around his brain that required a left hemisphere craniotomy that needed removal of a part of his skull so that brain could expand and heal.

At present, his mother Nieves is now a full-time caregiver. After a visit with the neurologists in September 2017, her parents were told that they should not expect her son to improve beyond a UWS t(unresponsive wakefulness state) that is previously called the vegetative state.

If you are not aware of what UWS or vegetative state means then people who are in UWS state have a sleep and wake cycle but they don’t have the ability to interact with the other person in a meaningful way. In March 2018, news came out that now Colon could communicate with his eyes. With the help of eyes, Prichard was able to answer yes or no questions in English and Spanish at 70% accuracy by looking at the answer choices on the screen. Now according to the recent reports after the physical occupational therapy, he is now able to get some hold on his shoulder work, release pegs, and is able to follow some commands.

Since then Prichaerd has walked about the length of a football field but with the help of a therapist and some assistive devices. He is also now able to maintain certain of his balance while sitting unsupported for at least more than five minutes.

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Colon’s Successful Surgery

According to the reports from media portal, Colon had undergone a very important surgery that resulted successful. A WBC insider gave statement about the successful surgery. his mother Nieves told the same publication:

“The doctor has already come to give the results of my son’s surgery, the champion Prichard Colón Meléndez,

“Everything went well. Thank you all for keeping my son in prayers for the huge messages and calls inquiring about us.”

Where is Terrel Williams now? 

The guy who knocked Colon down not only changed his life but also changed his life and career. Initially, Williams took two years off from the field to deal with what happened at the ring of WingEagle fight. Since then he fought a total of four times but he was stopped again in September 2019. Also, Williams has always kept a low internet profile since the incident and there are no updates on the fights. After his last fight, the Welterweight completely went off the radar. Even after so many years of the incident Williams still receives hate for his actions.

For Colon, the fight was a mental one as well as a physical one. It was also a big testing timing for his family and it got severely damaged. The WBC also honored Colon by making him World Boxing Council Champion for life. This was a great gesture from World Boxing Council and due to that particular gesture Colon will be recognized as a forever WBC Champion.

So, this was all which we knew about Prichard Colon. For now, all we can do is to wish the best for his health and also hope for his continued recovery so that in some life we can see him the player he was a few years back before the incident. if you like this article Stay tuned to our website and read more articles.

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