Where Is Steve Rogers? Fans Ask ‘Falcon And The Winter Soldier’

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Marvel’s latest show Falcon and the Winter Soldier steps up to explore a very interesting topic within the MCU to which nobody ever gave enough light. What does it mean to be Captain America?

The show revolves around two different narratives, Sam Wilson ( Anthony Mackie ), who is reluctant to take the shield and takes it very seriously; and that of John Walker ( Wyatt Russell ), who uses it to be above the rest. While all these dilemmas unfold, where is Steve Rogers, the person who knows best what it means to carry the title?

The last time Chris Evans’ character appeared in the MCU was in Avengers: Endgame, when he tells Sam that he has been busy living – a full life, as Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr. ) had told him and him. pass the precious shield. He was an elderly Steve Rogers, already in his last stages after having enjoyed himself alongside Peggy Carter.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Will Steve Rogers Return With A Cameo

However, only Sam, Bucky Barnes ( Sebastian Stan ), and Bruce Banner ( Mark Ruffalo ) witness their partner’s fate. Who else knows what Rogers has done? Not many. You may want to keep it a secret and Sam is keeping the information he has the first hand to protect his friend.

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The rest of the citizens consider the hero of the United States dead. As seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Natasha Romanoff ( Scarlett Johansson ), Tony Stark, and Steve Rogers are three of the fallen they pay tribute to. Despite this, it seems that there are still groups that refuse to accept their loss.

In Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam reveals in the first episode that many theories about Cap circulate on the internet, some indicating that he is in a secret base on the moon. If there are theories about Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson, why aren’t people going to speculate on the death of Steve Rogers?

So is he dead or not? At the end of Avengers: Endgame we know that Captain America is already 112 years old and on multiple occasions during the Disney + series they refer to him as if he no longer belonged to this world. It is not clear if he is really dead or if they speak of him in the past tense because his hero period is over. What we can say is that Capi is not available to go around solving terrorist cases or facing a new Captain America whose title has been too big.

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This Friday, the last episode of the series about Sam and Bucky Barnes airs on Disney+.

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