Who are Saweetie’s parents? Her mom fostered her love for music

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Saweetie is one of the most popular rap star sensations who are now often admired for her quirky and unique style like a family empowering lyrics and club hits. The 27-year-old rap star was born Diamonte Qiava Valentin Harper, Sawtiee was the nickname given by her grandmother. The rap star is often found giving tribute to her family and she admires her family for all the inspirations in life. But the question comes, who all are her family? Does she have any siblings? How do they go? So here’s everything you need to know about Saweetie’s parents and her siblings.

Who Is Saweetie’s Dad?

Saweetie comes from an athletic family and her grandfather played football. Her Grandfather played football for the San Francisco 49ers and her dad played for San Jose State. Saweetie was also inhibited with her dad’s football skills but her grandmother always denied her from playing the sport. Despite that, Saweetie excelled in volleyball and track sport and almost competed professionally in different tournaments.

After some time, she got the chance to play football eventually for a powderpuff league. Saweetie’s parents had her with when they were teens themselves so they were not much around in the early part of their childhood. She was almost raised by her grandparents and numerous uncles and aunts. In an interview, she talked about this in detail by saying:

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“I grew up in the Bay Area but I finished high school in Sacramento, which is why I claim both areas. I feel like both of them shaped me into the woman I am today. Growing up, was a lot of fun because I have a really big family. I was an only child for like eleven years, like eleven years, so my brothers and sisters were like my cousins. And I’m half Asian half-Black, so there was a big cultural difference.”

Who is Saweetie’s mom?

Saweetie’s had Asian roots and that came up from Filipino Chinese mom Trinidad Valentin. Trinidad was a video vixen for musicians such as L.L Cool J and she helped foster Saweetie’s love for poetry and music. Saweetie’s parents also played music from R&B stars such as Delfonics, Tevin Campbell, and The Isley Brothers.

The musical influences in her family at home helped Saweetie’s poetry skills, but when she fell in love with the rap when she heard about J.Cole’s music. In fact, Saweetie’s parents did not offer much when she was growing up. The inspiration behind her desire to become successful made her bring out the best in herself.

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“My mom was 17 when she had me, so my parents were always working, and my grandma took care of me. My mom and my dad both come from big families, too – nine on my dad’s side and seven on my mom’s side. We didn’t grow up rich, or at least I know I didn’t, which is why it feels good to make all this money because I’ve never been able to just buy whatever I wanted to.”

Saweetie also talked about how her family wanted to support her career but she wanted to do it independently. The rap star appreciated the support but as she was always self-motivated, she wanted to do everything on her own.

Who is Saweetie’s grandmother?

Saweetie’s grandmother is Roxanne Glass. The star loves her grandmother and paid a tribute to her grandmother in an Instagram post that reads:

“Storytiiiiiime.My grandma won Miss Black Nebraska back in her day.”

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“She has been so influential in my life from always staying fly to breaking glass ceilings!!”

“She has navigated through life with such grace and knows everything about me lol.”

“She’s my bestie I love her so much don’t what I would do without her FaceTime calls. I love u G baby!! Thank you for always keeping my head up” Saweetie wrote.

This surely portrays how much the rap star admires her grandmother when it comes to her life and career. Saweetie also has some major connections with her cousins out of which Gabrielle is the closest one. The famous actress one day revealed that Saweetie was her cousin while paying tribute to Kehlani.

So, this was all about the famous Saweetie’s rap star parents, siblings, cousins, grandmother, and other family details. For more related articles keep following our website regularly.

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