Who is Amari Bailey? Is he Drake’s girlfriend Johanna Leia’s son?

We all have heard the news about Drake’s romance with model Johanna Leisa, and it is going quite strong. In fact, he is already playing the role of stepdad to her son Amari Bailey. Many people still have many doubts in their mind that Amari Bailey is he really Drake’s girlfriend Johanna Leisa’s son or what are the different things associated with him and more. Amari Bailey himself is a very known public figure, however recently he got highlighted in the news headlines when it was revealed Drake is mentoring him. So let’s talk about Amari Bailey in detail and his connections with Drake as well as his girlfriend in detail.

Who Is Johanna Leia? Is She Drake’s Rumoured Girlfriend?

According to recent reports, Drake is dating Bailey’s mother, Johanna Leia. All the fans are now suspected that the pair were together when they were spotted together on a date at Dodger Stadium. Also, the rapper was seen on the Los Angeles field while having dinner with Johanna Leia. Besides that, it has also been reported that Drizzy has also been giving her son, Bailey quite good guidance on how to deal with the fame coming on the way. But the question arises who is Amari Bailey? Let’s discuss that in detail.

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Who Is Amari Bailey?

Amari Bailey is now known for playing basketball at Sierra Canyon high school and he was one UCLA commit. Now, Bailey is said to be one of the country’s best high school basketball players. At present, Amari, Bailey is recognised as one of the country’s best high school basketball players. He currently plays for the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers and Bronny James, the son of LeBron James.

The basketball player also currently ranks 3rd number on the ESPN 100 list. Amari is also ranked 1 shooting guard in his class. ESPN’s national recruiting director Paul Biancardi says:

“He’s a pure combination guard who has the effortless high-end scoring ability with or away from the ball,” He’s a pure combination guard who has the effortless high-end scoring ability with or away from the ball,”

Even before Amari decided to go to UCLA, he received four other amazing offers from well-renowned schools. Those offers actually came from DePaul, Illinois, Alabama and Kansas. Bailey also recently won the California High School Basketball Player of the year.

Amari Bailey is currently 17 years old and he is a junior guard who is also the part of 2022 graduating class. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Amari celebrates his birthday on February 17th. He is also quite a big image on Instagram and has a whopping following of 405k followers. He often posts many photos while playing on the basketball court and many throwback pictures of him as a child.

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Who are Amari Bailey’s mom and dad?

Johanna Leia (L) pictured with her son Amari Bailey (R)

Amari Bailey is the son of model Johanna Leia and Aaron Bailey. His father also played football at Louisville University and later played for the Indianapolis Colts. his mother is currently a model, entrepreneur and brand ambassador for various brands.

Amari’s mother Johanna Leisa is also known for her ole in the popular lifetime series, Bringing Up Ballers. It will feature give Chicago area entrepreneurs whose kids are some of the best players in the country. The show follows the mothers and makes sure their businesses run smoothly when their children are on the track to play professionally.

Drake’s Relationship With Amari Bailey 

According to some media portals, Drake has also been guiding Amari Bailey on dealing with fame. It has been found out that Canadian rapper, Drake is giving the teen Amari Bailey advice on fame, finances and how to handle life in general.

This news came out when Johanna Leia left all Drake fans in doubt after being spotted at a private dinner place. It is also being said that Drake has warmed the relationship between the mother and son duo. Both of them have also been spotted visiting Drake’s residence quite a few times.

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Our sources also reported that Drake and Amari have hung out together and the three of them have spent good quality time together at Drake’s residence. Amari in his recent post also showed off the custom diamond necklace that Drake gifted him by posting its picture on Instagram.

Amari Bailey poses for a photo, flaunting his new custom "10" necklace from Drake.

So, at present Johanna seems to be quite in love from head over heels with Drake. She is not even shy of posting sultry shots of herself on Instagram in which she features Drake’s song playing in the background. However, both of them have remained quiet about their new love interest and have also shut down all the rumours for now. Both of them focus on their work projects and deny all these rumours.

This was all about Amari Bailey and what’s the relationship between Drake and Johanna and more. Stay tuned to our website and get new updates on pop-culture news and recent updates right here.

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