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Amy Snyder

Quin Snyder’s wife, Amy Snyder is a reputed personality and while everyone is wondering to know about her lifestyle and personal details, it becomes difficult to get to the exact information of the fact that Amy Snyder is a private person. She likes to maintain her privacy well and so she does not share much about her life. Neither does she have any accounts on social media. In this article, we will learn more about Amy Snyder. 

Who is Amy Snyder?

Amy Snyder is a well-known celebrity wife living in the United States of America as of now. Better known as Quin Snyder’s wife, Amy Snyder is a powerful and respected woman. Amy serves as the Director of Curriculum Development and Evaluation. Amy Snyder was born on 13 April 1976 in Weisenburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

As of 2022, her age is 46 years. Amy Snyder’s Zodiac sign is Aries and she is an American citizen. She is not very open about her life and she hardly shares anything personal on any social networking platform. For this reason, there is no relevant information on her family members. The name of her parents, her siblings, and other family members are not known at all. There is also no evidence of her relationships in the past. 

Amy Snyder is believed to be secretive and reserved regarding her personal life. Hardly is a chance when she to discuss her personal life on social media or in front of the public. Amy is a strong and educated woman. She owns a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Analysis from the University of Florida, USA. 

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Not only this, Amy has a degree in Master of Arts in Special Education from the University of Washington along with a Ph.D. degree in Special Education from the University of Texas in Austin. Her educational qualifications and her intelligence as a woman are highly commendable and appreciable. This could also be the reason that she doesn’t like sharing her personal life with anyone.

Amy Snyder Height and Weight

Most details about Amy Snyder’s family and childhood are not known, likewise, Amy Snyder’s physical measurements as her height and weight are not available for the moment and they are still being reviewed. However, it can be said that Amy Snyder has green eyes and brown hair.

Amy Snyder Professional and Personal Life

With enough knowledge and intellect, Amy Snyder has grown to become an influential and successful lady over time. Presently, Amy Snyder works as a director in the United States. Not only this, but Amy Snyder is also a co-founder of PEER and the author of Excel Reading. It is a reading program that is based on fluency.

Amy Snyder has excelled in achieving higher education. She is secretive and pretty reserved in her life. Snyder is a highly educated woman and this is the reason that she easily executes multiple tasks as one. Amy Snyder currently works on several projects. However, Amy Snyder is better known as Quin Snyder’s wife and she is happy to be referred to like that.

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As a wife, Amy Snyder is dedicated and devoted towards her husband. She loves her husband a lot. Amy Snyder’s husband Quin Snyder is a basketball coach in the United States of America. Quin Snyder is the head coach of the National Basketball Association’s Utah Jazz (NBA). Quin Snyder was appointed as the coach of the NBA in 2014. 

Not only this, but Amy Snyder’s husband Quin Snyder also worked as an assistant coach with the Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Philadelphia 76ers as well. Along with this, Quin Snyder has coached teams such as Los Angeles, Austin Toros, Duke, PBC CSKA, Los Lakers, and Atlanta Hawks.

Amy Snyder Husband and Marriage

It was in 2006 that Amy Snyder began dating Quin Snyder and finally they both got married in 2010. Amy and Quin Snyder have a smooth and seamlessly balanced relationship and so far the couple has not experienced any major troubles in their lives. There is no indication of challenges and problems in the couple’s life. 

Adding onto this, Amy Snyder and Quin Snyder have three children namely Anika Snyder, Wyatt Snyder, and Madeleine Snyder. Furthermore, it is known that Quin Snyder married Helen Redwine in 1999 but then got divorced in 2006 due to some circumstances. Quin and Helen had a son Owen and Amy’s stepmom.

Amy Snyder’s Net Worth

Again, Amy Snyder is secretive about her income and other factors. For this reason, the net worth of Amy Snyder is not known. However, her husband Quin Snyder is a reputed coach and he has a net worth of 7 million USD as of 2022. Amy Snyder is popularly known as Quin Snyder’s wife and this could be considered one of the reasons that not much is known about the lady.

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Other Facts About Amy Snyder

•Amy Snyder’s Zodiac sign is Aries and her lucky number is believed to be 4. Her lucky color is red and her lucky stone is a Diamond.

•By Profession, Amy Snyder is a Director. However, she is better known as Quin Snyder’s wife. 

•She is very educated and multitalented. She purposely works on multiple projects at the same time.

•Amy Snyder has green eyes and brown hair.

•It is not known if Amy Snyder drinks or smokes.

•Amy Snyder has three real children and a stepson named Owen.

•Snyder loves her husband a lot and their relationship is a stable one. They have not faced any major issues in their marriage till now.


Amy Snyder is a highly educated, influential, and one of the most talented women out there. She has achieved much excellence in the field of education and she has a bachelor’s, master’s well as a Ph.D. degree. Amy Snyder is a multitasker and she is working on several projects now as well.

Amy is a devoted wife and is better known as Quin Snyder’s wife. She is not available on any of the social networking platforms and not much information is available about her. She is intelligent and she works as a Director of Curriculum Development and Evaluation.

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