Who Is Bella Poarch? All You Need To Know About TikTok Star

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If you are a TikTok fan then you might know Bella Poarch who has risen to fame on this platform. She joined the social media platform in 2020 and saw a quick rise in followers. Her interior life story also shows how hard it would be so tough for her to reach a place she is at now. Bella Porch got viral in TikTok because of her “M to the B” lip-syncing video. And this was just the beginning after that her mesmerizing head bobbing video got her 50 million likes. It was also viewed half a billion times. Just in a matter of months, she was listed amongst the top TikTok stars.

Now from an ordinary girl her identity has been switched and risen up to a celebrity of TikTok and now people are aware of who Bella Poarch is. With that many of her fans also want to know about her in detail, so in this article, we have collected all the information regarding the TikTok star.

What Is The Age Of Bella Porch?

Bella Porch was born on February 8, 1997, and she is from Filipino American native. She is currently 24 years old and she was raised in the slums until she was 3 years old. After that, she was adopted and her adopted father is a white American who worked in the Us military and her adoptive mother is Filipino. Both of them hail from Saudia Arabia and her father used to work there and then they moved to the Philippines.

When she was adopted her good days of life began but were not actually good. In an interview, she herself revealed that she had to work on the farms and do chores. It was a rule for her to wake up at 4 am and sometimes even at 3 am if she had to go to school on time. At the time where she lived in Phillippines the schools started at 6:30, so to get ready for that she had to clean the entire animal excrement at the farm and also clean the house. Her older sister and brother only helped her a little.

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Bella Poarch Opens Up About Abusive Upbringing

During the June 17 H3 podcast, the host Ethan Klein asked Bella Poarch about her upbringing. The comedian was also surprised when the TikTok star detailed her traumatic childhood in the Phillippines. She also opened about it and detailed her morning routine.

“It was very hard. I had to wake up at 4 am every morning. I had to finish all my chores. I would be sweeping the yard and picking up animal s**t. I would have to clean up really well because if I didn’t, my stepdad would get really mad at me and be like “you’re not eating breakfast if you don’t get this done,” she said.

Bella Poarch also believed that the farm was the reason for all the problems. She even said that the abuse did not begin when they first adopted her. It also went on well till she turn 6 but the moment she was 7 the abuse began and the farm animals arrived. Therefore her difficult childhood began with it.

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Her Joining To The Navy Was An Escape

Bella Poarch also contained to shares many details of her life in the podcast. She also shared that she joined the navy to escape from her problems. She did not have any idea what to do although she was scared at first because she was just 17. The last thing that her adoptive father said to her was ” Don’t ever come back here, this is not your home”.

In the navy, things got better for her because for the first time in her life she was free to make her own decisions. She also had a lot of fun and the Navy allowed her to feel good about her life and being in the Navy was better than living with her adoptive family.

Bella Poarch Was In Trouble For Her Tattoo

Bella Poarch is surely famous for her natural beauty but as a teen, she always loved doing experiments with her looks. In 2020, Bella poarch tattooed rising sun tattoo but her fans backlashed her because they compared the image to Japanese imperialism. It was offensive to Koreans, but she handled the situation very well and apologized to fans, and promised to remove it.

One of her fans asked her about so many tattoos She said: “I had a rough childhood. My scars from abuse made me insecure. And so, I had to cover up my scars with tattoos”.

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Even though Bella Poarch is from a modest background but now she is earning a lot of money through TikTok and she has now become a popular star. Recently she released her debut single “Build a Bitch”. Last when we saw she had over 80.1 million followers and is the fourth most followed personality on the TikTok platform. She has even signed a music deal with Warner Records.

Bella Poarch completely dedicates her success to TikTok as it changed her life and before TikTok came it was very tough for her to pay the bills but now she lives a comfortable life. She ended her tweet by encouraging people to fight for what they want in their careers. At present, her net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Bella Poarch Is A Talented Singer

Vocal coach amazed by Bella Poarch's singing skills

Bella Poarch is a talented singer and she knows how to play Ukulele. In one of the interviews, she even said hoe music and singing help her fight off anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  One of the most popular Youtubers Tristan Paredes also shared her video and admired her music talent. Now as she has good connections in the music industry, we might also see her as an accomplished singer in the future.

Despite her very harsh and harrowing journey, Bella Poarch also said that it felt very good to now and find success in spite of what she went through. No doubt why she is such a great influencer on TikTok and why many people love to follow her on different social media platforms.

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