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Breen Leboeuf

Breen Leboeuf is a Canadian blues-rock singer born on July 18, 1949, in North Bay, Ontario. The singer is renowned for many of his songs and has been a great artist for a long time. Breen Leboeuf is also known for being a double-bass guitar player(bassist) and a singer for the Quebec rock group Offenbach.

Breen Leboeuf singer’s favorite song is the famous Mes blues passe pus dans’ Porte song, released in 1978 and sung by the same Offenbach rock group artists. The singer has also worked with the popular Canadian female singer Celine Dion who became renowned in Quebec after the release of her first series of French-language albums.

Breen Leboeuf has also collaborated with the Canadian hard rock band April Wine, originally from Waverley, Nova Scotia, that later relocated to Quebec. The band received many successes back in the days of 1970s.

Caree of Breen Leboeuf

Breen Leboeuf moved to Toronto from his native place North Bay in 1969 as he was hired by a rapid-growing rock band group named Chimo! Which is an Inuit member of the Canadian member saying “Hello.”

The rock band began its career in 1962 as jazz-rock with the lead members Jack Mowbray and John Johnson on guitar and Tony Colacott as the keyboard player. Ross Raby was another keyboard and vocal player, and Andree Kree was a drummer. Moreover, Breen Lebeouf became the band’s lead vocalist. 

Breen Leboeuf and the band released an eponymous and three singles in 1969, giving the band huge recognition. The single albums are mentioned below:

  • Quick Silver Woman/ Day After Day
  • Silken Silver Melody/ Lonely Girl
  • In The Sea/ Mowbray/ Cross Country Man 
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In the Sea/Mowbray Cross Country Man album was released in 1970, with all the other albums released in 1969. The band published successive music albums in Canada and the United States, and the albums were reissued in 1995 with the CD version.

However, the band saw many back-to-back hits in its time, Chimo! It was discontinued in 1971, and the members got separated. Breen Leboeuf went along with other groups and projects he received after Chimo! The bands in which Breen Leboeuf worked were Motherlode, Django, Robert E. Lee Brigade, South Cote, Studebaker Hawk, and the group Brutus.

Breen Leboeuf Quits Chimo!

The reason that Breen Leboeuf had to discontinue the rock group Chimo was that the other members of the band had already decided to leave the group. Moreover, Raby, Johnson, and Collacott left the band because they wanted to be a family-person. 

Little collaborated with the band group Heaven and Earth and became known in the group as he founded the band flag. Breen Leboeuf was a newcomer and had just started his career with the band, yet he joined another rock band group that re-formed at the time named Motherlode.

Breen Leboeuf and Offenbach Band

The Motherlode band became anxious about the little success they had received. The group had to be re-formed again for the 4th time, and Breen Leboeuf left the group as there were numerous situations that the band had to face, like the “My Chant” single release was a remake of the 1970s song “Hiro Smothek.”

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Breen Leboeuf then met Gerry Boulet, who was a Quebec musician, songwriter, and also a part of the Offenbach rock band back at the time when the group formed had Jean Johnny Gravel as a guitarist, Michel Willy Lamothe as bassist and Roger on the drums. Breen met Garry when the rest of the group members were on tour to Toronto.

In 1977 the group went back to Toronto as they were looking for a bassist when the band had a shortage because Belval and Lamothe had left the Offenbach band and joined Corbeau. With this, Breen Leboeuf became a member of the Offenbach band group. 

Breen Leboeuf recorded six in-house albums and two live projects with the Offenbach band. When he became close friends with Gerry, he never discouraged him, even if he had to perform solo album projects.

Breen Labouef, in his time with the Offenbach group, sang many songs, including the famous Mes blues song he wrote with Gerry’s co-help. The author was Pierre Huet, and the song became classical Quebec rock music. However, the band was discontinued in 1985, and the members recorded “The Last Show” at the Montreal Forum.

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The six Albums and two live projects with Offenbach that Breen Leboeuf recorded are mentioned below:

Studio Albums

  • Crossover
  • Rock Bottom 
  • Love at first sight
  • Tonnedebrick
  • Rockorama and The last show

Live Albums

  • Infusion with the Vic Vogel band
  • A fond D’train Live

Breen Leboeuf after Offenbach

After Offenbach discontinued in 1985, Breen Leboeuf came up with several other music projects, including the work with Nanette Workman, known as “Chicago 1926.” He also worked with the group “Buzz Band” with John McGale of the Offenbach band as guitarist and “April Wine’s” drummer Jerry Mercer.

Breen Leboeuf worked on many other projects between 1990 to 2006 with many musicians like the Offenbach old members and McGale. They released many master tapes as collaborations, namely Almost 40 years of blue and The gypsies’ always come back, and I’ll don’t hurt you.

Finally, in 2008, Breen Leboeuf sold his shares in the Offenbach band group to John McGale and Johnny Gravel after he joined the April wine rock band in 2007. He started touring with April Wine in Canada and the United States until July 2011. 

Then again, Breen Leboeuf left this group and is known to be back in Quebec to do projects with his friends Martin, Belanger Noir, and others. He is still interested in many creative projects held in Quebec and has been a part of many projects in the city.

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