Who Is ‘El Doc’ In The Luis Miguel Netflix Series?

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Who is “El Doc” from ‘Luis Miguel: The Series on Netflix?

Learn more about the real-life of “El Doc”, the famous character from ‘Luis Miguel: La Serie’ on Netflix.

The second season of Luis Miguel’s series premiered two weeks ago on the Netflix platform and one of the characters that have attracted the most attention is “ El Doc ”, who seems to be one of the closest people to “El Sol ”, in addition to having your complete confidence when it comes to matters related to your family.

In what has been seen in the series so far, ” El Doc ” begins to be part of Luismi’s team when he was still under the tutelage of Luisito Rey and who continued by his side when he had already become an adult. . He was also involved in the care of his brother Sergio, this after the disappearance of Marcela Basteri.

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As with all the characters that appear in the singer’s bio series for Netflix, some netizens have begun to question the real identity of “ El Doc ” and what he looks like now that he has completely distanced himself from the life of “ El Sol ”, That is why INSPIREDTRAVELER has found out more about it.

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How did “El Doc” come into the life of Luis Miguel?

According to an interview for the TV Azteca program, Ventaneando carried out in 2018, Octavio Foncerrada, the real name of “ El Doc ”, told some details of how he came to work for Luismi’s family. According to his statements, he was a doctor who practiced alternative medicine and relaxation exercises.

One day and at the request of a Televisa executive, he attended Luisito Rey, who was very stressed. Later he was hired to serve the other members of the Gallego Basteri family, including ” El Sol “, who at that time was starting his career in the world of music.

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The constant interaction with Luis Miguel’s family caused him to become one more member, a relationship that lasted approximately 20 years. At that time, Octavio Foncerrada accompanied the singer on his concert tours, in addition to taking charge of his little brother Sergio, which is why he managed to gain his complete trust.

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