Who is Harley Dean? Everything You Need to Know

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Ever since the time Fashion show took place in Los Angeles, there have been some ridiculous and bizarre rumors circulating around Twitter. Rihanna and Harley Dean have been the talk of the internet since then because of her Savage x Fenty vol 3 show. However, that’s not the only reason.

Adult film star Harley has recently gathered all the attention and has gone viral after making some wild allegations on Travis Scott and Rihanna. Ever since then people are wondering and researching who is Harley Dean? What does she do and everything else? Therefore we have collected all the important information about Harley Dean, so read on further to know more about this adult film star.

Who is Harley Dean?

Harley Dean is an American actress who works in the AV industry of America. She was born on June 5, 1993. She belongs from Columbus, Ohio United States. At present her age is calculated to be 28 years. She has a mix of Filipino, Hawaiian, and Cherokee descent. If we believe the reports then she has a tattoo on her back that reads: “I don’t have thoughts just dreams of the future and memories of a faded distance”.

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Her life has always been kept very much private and thus we don’t have much information about her personal life and career. On the professional front, she is an adult film actress. Recently she captured all the attention because of her wild claims about Rihanna.

Harley Claims Some Wild Things About Rihanna 

A video was being circulated on the internet that shows how Harley Dean talking to rapper Almighty Jay. While she is sitting in the car with him, Harley dished out some juicy and wild allegations about Barbados-born singer Rihanna. Harley said that Rihanna once gave an STD specifically it was chlamydia to her boss.

She said: “Rihanna had this foundation back in 2015 and it was her White Gala… and I helped fundraise her gala in Hollywood whilst she was f***ing my boss and gave my boss Chlamydia,” she alleged.

Here’s the video of the conversation between Harley & Jay.

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Claims On Travis Scott

Harley also added certain claims on the video, Harley went on to claim that Travis Scott who is Rihanna’s former boyfriend Travis Scott was involved too. The pair dated each other for a while in 2015, but they kept themselves quiet. Harley then claimed that after organizing Rihanna’s whole gala.

Back in 2009, American television personality Tila Tequila also claimed that she had herpes. This news came out when Rihanna did an interview with LA’s Big Boy and the Morning Show.

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