Who is Jonathan Bencomo, the Boyfriend of Jhonny Caz

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Johnny Caz is the brother of Eduin Caz and the lead singer of Grupo Firme in a recent interview gave details about how she met her fiance Jonathan Bencomo. The firm group is the Mexican regional music ensemble of the moment. Especially after winning the Latin Grammy 2021 for the best band music album “We have fun achieving the impossible”.

Now all thanks to the success of the Mexican band, its members Eduin Cazares Christian Téllez (Electric Bass), Joaquín Ruiz (Electric Bass), Dylan Camacho (Accordion), Fito Rubio (Drum), Oscar Limon (Maracas) and Jhonny Caz are quite popular. Due to their popularity fans want to know everything related to them.

Johnny Caz also gave their fans something to talk about when they were starring in a romantic moment that is her boyfriend Jonathan Bencomo. The news came into the limelight when he proposed to her boyfriend for married. This very thing happened on November 19 during a concert by Firm Group. Jhonny Caz is actually the third voice in Grupo Firme and is also Eduin’s brother.

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Jonathan Bencomo is the boyfriend of Jhonny Caz who is the member of Grupo Firme. The couple has already exceeded five years of relationship. They are also going to marry each other soon. All of this information is available on Instagram profile. As per the information, Jonathan Bencomo is an engineer and works as a dancer.

The young man and Jhonny Caz from Grupo Firme have showered their love openly. They have also made it clear that they are not afraid of third-party comments. Jhonny Caz is also the third voice in Grupo firm and is Eduin’s brother. Now, both of them he and his boyfriend will take their relationship to next level and will marry them soon.

After having an emotional moment at Grupo Firme, the artists resumed the concert. The statement reads: “I would give you a whole life if I am born again. And if I could, I would put the whole world at your feet ”, Edwin Cázares was heard performing El Mundo a tu pie, the group’s musical success released in 2019.

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Jonathan Bencomo and Jhonny Caz have more than five years of relationship. During the end of 2020, the Grupo Firme member spoke openly about his sexual orientation. During a video available on YouTube, the third voice of the group also declared his homosexuality during an interview with his brother. In that video he said:

“Yes, I’m gay (…) it’s something that I’m not ashamed of and it’s natural,” said Jhonny Caz during a life on the subject.

Regarding the relationship of both, it is known to all the fans that they began dating some time ago. Jhonny Caz’s first appearance on Jonathan’s social networks was in 2019. The couple constantly shows their love on social media and celebrates some of the most important festivities.

How did Jhonny Caz and Jonathan Bencomo become boyfriends?

Finally, on February 14, Jhonny Caz invited his fiance to go to Guadalajara to a Grupo Firme concert. He accepted and during the show Bencomo broke down in tears while seeing the show. During that moment, she knew that he was the man she needed in her life. She said,  “I need a man in my life who is happy like this with the triumphs that I have.”

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During the concert session, both saw each other in the dressing room. And that’s where Jhonny Caz asked Jonathan Bencomo to be his boyfriend. Their relationship was consolidated thanks to the confinement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. After almost two years of formal dating, Jonathan Bencomo asked her to marry him during a Grupo Firme concert. The couple together shared the news and also brought their first house and they are also preparing for their wedding at the end of this year.

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