Who is Kim Kardashian’s ex? Kim Kardashian Dating History

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Kim is a romantic person who has been engaged in relationships more than anyone can imagine, as we have seen during the past 14 years of her life.

The renowned starlet has often disclosed her soul in front of the camera, from dirty videos to a frightening 72-day marriage. But, just in case you have forgotten about Kim’s personal tragedies and wild relationships, we have researched her history to bring you a comprehensive list of her ex-boyfriends and spouses.

TJ Jackson

Kim’s first reported lover was TJ Jackson. After two years of dating, the inquisitive adolescent chose to give up her virginity to TJ Jackson. After a candid conversation with her mother, Kris Jenner, the young star embarked on birth control and ended up losing her virginity after celebrating her 14th birthday at Michael Jackson’s Neverland estate. In 1999, the lovebirds split up, and Kim moved on to have a number of high-profile romances.

Joey Lawrence

Kim then apparently began dating actor Joey Lawrence. The spark faded after a few dates, and the two went their own ways, never to be seen in the same room again. It was probably a youthful infatuation that seemed too wonderful to be true.

Damon Thomas

Damon Thomas is the devil in Kim’s love life. At the tender age of 19, the starlet decided to get married and engaged with the record producer in secret.

What appeared to be a fantasy at the time turned out to be the engagement of hell. According to capitalxtra, Damon was a dominating spouse who physically mistreated Kim, leaving her bloodied and wounded. His lust for the beauty tycoon drove her away from her family, and he compelled her to undergo liposuction to make her ‘perfect.’ It is a good thing she got a fortunate break with Damon!

Ray J

Ray J is the guy behind the iconic adult video that went viral and shaped Kim into the woman she is today. While the two had a loving relationship, it came to an end when the obscene film was exposed in 2007 and acquired for $1 million by Vivid Entertainment.

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Kim Kardashian, as a businesswoman, chose to stand above the controversy and seek retribution by suing Vivid Entertainment for $5 million. Next year, the princess got her own reality program and put an end to another tumultuous romance.

Nick Lachey

Another renowned name to add to Kim’s list of ex-boyfriends! Nick set his eyes on Kim Kardashian after divorcing Jessica Simpson. The relationship ended before it really began, with Nick accusing Kim of using him to get fame. He claimed that their first date was a peaceful one at a movie theater, and when they left, 30 photographers were waiting nearby, alleging that Kim set that up to get a picture in the tabloids.

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon appeared to have a love for the renowned Kardashian before he fixed his sights on his former wife, Mariah Carey. For a brief time, Kim and her ex-boyfriend had an on-again, off-again romance, but it ended due to the TV star’s lying.

In a 2013 broadcast on The Howard Stern Show, Nick said that the notorious recording was the reason for their split. He said that she denied any involvement when he approached Kim about it.

Reggie Bush

Following her frenetic relationships, it looked that the now reality-TV star had discovered her true love and was incredibly happy with Reggie. The couple quickly rose to prominence and were featured in glossy publications every week.

With both sides’ busy schedules, it appears that the distance placed a strain on the relationship, prompting Kim and her partner to separate with no personal animosity.

Cristiano Ronaldo

It seems that the reality tv star has a penchant for sportsmen; this time, she crossed the border and wired up with Cristiano Ronaldo, a Spanish soccer star. While the pair had a strong physical affinity, they did not have any shared hobbies, and their affair ceased after their first public appearance together.

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Justin Bieber

Following a romantic photo session for Elle magazine, it was revealed that the two were in a true relationship. Kim was 29 at the time, and Justin Bieber was just 16. It was one of Kim’s most contentious times.

Justin fueled the flames by tweeting a photo of himself with Kim with the text “me and my girlfriend,” which was quickly picked up by the media. Kim subsequently clarified that they were never a couple and that she intended to set him up with her sister, who was a lot less awkward.

Miles Austin

After her public breakup with Reggie Bush, Kim continued with a new lover, an NFL player. Though everything looked to be going well with Miles Austin, their relationship lasted just a few months. According to sources, the divorce was caused by their busy schedules and a lack of quality time together.

Gabriel Aubry

In November 2010, Gabriel Aubry and Kim Kardashian were seen together at a Lakers match. However, barely a month later, the couple had broken up because Kim believed he was only interested in her for her stardom. On the other hand, other reports said that Kim had already begun seeing Kris Humphries, her next love interest.

Kris Humphries

In 2010, Kim met Kris Humphries. The couple tied the knot and engaged that year after dating for 5 months in an extravagant $20 million marriage ceremony that was also aired.

It is easy to understand why the pair were not suited and why their relationship only lasted 72 days after seeing the reality TV program’s personality clash and fights. At least, she did not wait four years to understand she would make a huge mistake this time!


Following Drake’s legendary battle with Kanye West, people speculated that Kim K was the “Kiki” that Drizzy spoke into the song “In My Feelings.”

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On the other hand, Kim quickly debunked the allegations by posting a video of the bizarre claims with the comment, “It never happened. End of story.” Very soon, she cautioned Drake to stay away from her family in another social media post. Lastly, she seems to have no respect for the Canadian rapper.

Kanye West

Kanye West was fond of Kimmy after their first visit in 2004, but it was not expressed until 2009 when he expressed his feelings via the lyrics of his track “Knock You Down.” Kanye proposed to Kim in San Francisco Stadium in front of everyone with live orchestra music in the background while they already have their first baby. The renowned couple went on to enjoy a splendid weekend-long ceremony in France and Italy, and they proceeded to show their love with an expanding family of four children!

Unfortunately, in 2020, Kim and Kanye were divorcing, and the beauty queen filed for separation in 2021. We do not know what caused their breakup. Kanye campaigned for president last year, confessed that Kim sought an abortion while pregnant with North, and blasted his mother-in-law by calling her “Kris Jong-Un” in one of the greatest celebrity scandals of the year.

Pete Davidson

Many people are surprised to learn that Kim’s new partner is Pete Davidson. Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend is dating the top supermodel, with whom she allegedly had many date nights. Following their appearance on Saturday Night Live, images of the two holding hands on a rollercoaster ride emerged, and they were also sighted at a special rooftop supper.

We doubt that this is a completely professional connection considering they were recently seen shaking hands again! We have not heard anything official from any of them yet, so we are still in the dark.

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