Who Is Lena The Plug? Know More About Her Life & Career!

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In today’s date, social media is flooded with some sensational influencers and entertainers. Recently, one of the most popular social media stars, Lena Nersesian aka Lena The Plug came into the limelight when Charleston White, another social media figure mentioned her in the Say Cheese interview.

In a recent interview with Say Cheese, Charleston White explored deeper into the world of YouTube. White showcased his opinion on Adam 22’s wife-to-be Lena Nersesian. White revealed tons of details about Lena Nersesian and quoted his call on Lena’s relationship with the No Jumper host.

So, who is Lena The Plug? Read the complete article to know more.

Who Is Adam 22’s wife-to-be Lena The Plug?

Social media is currently a hub of social media influencers and super-entertaining personalities. In today’s world of the Internet, Lena Nersesian has successfully carved her name as one of the top adult entertainers and social media stars. She has a huge fan following across her social media platforms. Fans are simply crazy about Lena Nersesian aka Lena The Plug.

Lena kick-started her YouTube career back in August 2016 and within a few years, her career skyrocketed. As of now, she has garnered the love of over 1.63 million subscribers on YouTube. While she has also made a mark on Twitter with over 1.1 million followers. She climbed the ladder of success within a short period of time and the fans showered their love on her and quoted her as a top online creator. Though she is incredibly popular in the adult world, her social media handles have experienced multiple restrictions due to 18+ content.

Lena is also popular under her Instagram handle @lenatheplug where she has grabbed the attention of over 3.5 followers. But the instagram page is not online right now. She too has some fan pages which too have tons of audience and followers. While she is popular on social media across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, she has also been on the front page for producing adult content. She has got the eyeballs of the audience with her 18+ content and due to her immense popularity, Lena has been in some of the incredible interviews. Recently in an interview with Forbes, Lena The Plug revealed about her journey, career and passed a glimpse of her personal life.

Lena The Plug’s Life & Career

Lena The Plug picked up Christianity as her religion and she followed it through her entire childhood. She matriculated from a private high school back in 2013 and she completed her graduation from the University of California. Psychology was her main subject as she has revealed that she has always loved to study and observe the minutest details and psychology behind different things. After completing her graduation, Lena initially moved to California for higher studies. However, she was pushed back by her financial barriers and she was unable to fulfill her financial requirements.

In some interviews, Lena spoke out about her early life and how she joined the industry. Back in 2014, for nearly two years she initially worked as a nanny and worked as an Early Childhood Interventionist in Santa Cruz, California at the ABRITE Children’s Foundation. However, later she changed her professional and jumped into Shoppers corner as a Cashier. After switching through tons of professions, Lena ultimately tried her handles in the world of the Internet. She turned out to be a Snapchat mode and got the attention of a huge audience base. Though she was getting a lot of praise and love from the fans, hailing from an Armenian-American ethnic family gave her a major pushback. Her family was not happy with her profession. In an interview, Lena quoted, “I don’t blame my family. It’s never so easy to swallow something like this, but I believe they will cope up with reality once there surpass the initial shock.”

On the other hand, Lena The Plug also pointed out her views on social media. She highlighted, “Without Snapchat and Instagram, I would have never known that creating and selling adult content on social media can help you make a leaving. I would have no clue that doing such stuff on social media can make you an entire career.

Lena The Plug’s Boyfriend

Love has been one of the major components of Lena’s life. She has been in a serious relationship with Adam Grandmaison. They started dating back in 2017 and share a truly touching relationship. The couple tied the knot, and they were blessed with n adorable daughter named, “Parker Ann Nersesian” back on November 14, 2020. On November 24, 2020, Lena surprised her fans by sharing a beautiful photo of her baby girl captioning, “Our little overcooked nugget, Parker Ann Nersesian Grandmaison, is finally here.”

Lena Nersesian’s Relationship With Adam 22

Lena The Plug has been in a relationship with Adam 22 for years. Recently they celebrated their five years of togetherness. While most of the influencers tend to keep their relationship a secret, Lena has opened up a lot about her. She has been flaunting her relationship with Adam John Grandmaison aka Adam across her social media handles. Fans love their pair and often shower their good comments on their pictures.

As of now, Adam 22 and Lena Nersesian are two bodies and one soul. The couple announced one being engaged through Lena’s official Instagram handle. Lena posted a storm of pictures posing at a beach with her man. She also joked about how Adam 22 proposed to her. Revealing an adorable picture to her fanbase on Instagram, she captioned, “5 mins before Adam 22 proposed, I was calling lights to the fact that it was something weird he was making me take engagement setup photos when we were not even engaged. I still had fewer clues.”

To this quote of Lena, Adam 22 revealed her views and his plans in an episode of No Jumper. He recalled the situation and revealed, “She simply made a joke midway through where she went ‘why do you want me do those engagement style pictures’ and I am like ‘yeah you wish.’ He further added, “I was trying to pick up some words to make her think that it is not what it looks like, and then finally I took up the charge and she flipped out. She was incredibly surprised as she did not even speculate it coming.”

Lena The Plug & Adam 22 Controversy

Back in 2016, Lena and Adam stepped into a controversy. She unveiled that her lovely boyfriends had sexual relationships with her friend Pal Emily and also promised her audience to reveal a sex tape. Though this was quoted as a publicity stunt, Lena received a lot of hate and bad comments from the audience.

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