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Link Neal or Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III is a household name. Besides hosting a popular YouTube comedy series, he also has a podcast and IFC series. He has authored a book and owns a production company with his friend Rhett.

Their channel Good Mythical Morning has more than 17 million subscribers. They also host The Mythical Show with Rhett & Link (a weekly variety show), Good Mythical Morning (a daily morning show), and Let’s Talk About That (a talk show).

The duo has a massive fan following across the globe. Although both can tickle anyone’s funny bones, Link has earned a reputation for being awkwardly funny. His closer ones describe him as a very organized person. Moreover, no one can ignore his special relationship with food.

If you are a big Rhett and Link fan, let us walk you through the life of your favorite YouTuber. Read further to know everything about Link Neal.

Link has around 915k followers on Instagram and 653.7k followers on Twitter. You can find his Instagram and Twitter handles here.


His Early Life

Link Neal was born on June 1, 1978, to Charles Lincoln Neal II and Sue Capps in Boone Trail, North Carolina. Link’s mother Sue Capp got divorced when he was two years old, married Jimmy Capps, and moved to Buies Creek. It is where Link met his other half, Rhett McLaughlin.

You will read more about their first meeting further in this article.

His Career

Link studied Industrial Engineering at the North Carolina State University and graduated in May 2001. After completing his graduation, he chose the conventional path and went on to work for IBM (International Business Machines Corporation). However, this job failed to capture his fancy, and he soon realized he is not cut out for a conventional job. He found his true calling, entertainment, and went on to craft a successful career as an entertainer with his best friend, Rhett.

His Personal Life, Likes, And Dislikes

Link is happily married to Christy, whom he met in his junior year of college at a rollerskating rink. The couple tied the knot in 2000 in Kinston, North Carolina.

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They are blessed with three children, Lilian “Lily” Grace Neal, born in 2003 (19 years old), Charles Lincoln Neal IV, born in 2005 (17 years old), and Lando James Neal, who was born on February 23, 2010, and is 12 years 11 months old years old. Currently, the family resides in the valley.

Lando would sometimes accompany his father to the Good Mythical Morning shows and determine answers with Shepherd, Rhett’s younger son. Do not be surprised if you see them host the GMM show in the future. Interestingly, the duo has a name, Shando.

Although he looks shorter when standing next to Rhett, Link is not short at all. He is 6 feet tall. Furthermore, Links loves indulging in outdoor activities. He and his partner in crime enjoy mountain biking, camping, off-roading, and paddleboarding.

However, the idea of swimming makes him uncomfortable due to the fear of drowning. He dislikes things that could scare him, like horror books, movies, etc.

As already mentioned, Link has a reputation for being an organizer. Furthermore, he is ambidextrous and likes Yo-Yos (he can perform several tricks). A miniature horse is his favorite animal. He has one and calls it Mini Wheat.

Project Lionel

Link is a huge fan of Lionel Richie. When they were in college (with Rhett), they did “Project Lionel” in their room, whereby every visitor would do their famous album pose on Mr. Fly, their yellow couch. When Link’s mother visited him in the dorm room, even she had to participate in “Project Lionel”.

Moreover, they sang All Night Long by Lionel Richie all night long and uploaded the video in September 2012. They started recording the video at 7:25 pm on the Santa Monica Pier and went on singing and recording till 6:30 am on Mt. Wilson.

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In addition, the duo also loves Merle Haggard. They would play Merle Haggard while driving and discuss the lyrics. They even followed Haggard’s tour bus once and wanted to meet him but could not cross the state border.

Link and Eating

When it comes to eating, Link is a picky eater. Every GMM fan knows how Link would gag at a new food item. He does not like apples, arugula, asparagus, banana, blue cheese, bologna, boiled eggs, butter beans, butterscotch, caviar, cake, celery, coconut, cherry-flavored food, cooked mushrooms and sweet potatoes, cotton candy, cucumber, crab, duck, eggnog, eggs benedict, flavored water, fruit punch, ginger, grapefruit, fruity-flavored ice creams, hot dogs, hard candy, lemon-flavored foods, lettuce, licorice, liver, lima beans, M&Ms, Minestrone soup, marshmallow, mint cookies, mint chocolate, mole, candies, olives, nuts, oysters, Oreos,  pepperoni, peppermint, punch, pretzels, runny eggs, root beer, red kidney beans, rum, saffron, seaweed, skittles, sriracha sauce, smoked gouda, sushi, steak, tuna, tea, thick burgers, tomatoes, thin mints, turkey, wasabi, watermelon-flavored foods, Worcestershire sauce, and more.

Now you know how picky he is when it comes to food. However, he likes bacon, bubble tea, burgers, chips, cinnamon rolls, cottage cheese, cream cheese, frosted mini wheats, ham, hummus, horchata, iceberg lettuce, onions, kefir, peanut butter, pudding, raisin bran crunch, queso, ranch dressing, smoothies, sour cream, salsa, twinkies, sushi Oreos, and some sushi sans seaweed.

His Appearances

Link has been in front and behind the camera many times. He runs successful series on YouTube, has podcasts, IFC series, and more. In addition, he has made several appearances. Let us walk you through them.

He has appeared in several of their music videos. The duo has appeared as “The Fabulous Bentley Brothers”, a singing duo, on Jelly Telly, in certain episodes of YouTubers React, Conan, The Tonight Show (thrice), YouTube Rewind 2012-2016, Comedy Week, Sorted Food, Lopez Tonight, SourceFed, SourceFedNERD, Epic Rap Battles of History, How Animals Eat Their Food, Miranda Eats, Not Too Deep, WWE Legend House, Your Grammar Sucks to name a few.

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His First Confab with Rhett

It is an interesting story. As mentioned, the duo met in Buies Creek. On the first day of first grade, their teacher caught Link and Rhett writing on their desks. Although it does not upset their teacher, Ms. Reed Locklear, what made her angry were the wrong spellings, “dam” and “hel”.

Furious Ms. Reed detained the boys and punished them to color in pictures of beasts and mythical creatures, oblivious to the fact that she punished two future Youtuber partners. This entire episode inspired their first project, “Looking for Ms. Locklear”.

Their detainment turned out to be a life-changing moment for them as they became best friends. They went to the same elementary school, high school, and later, North Carolina State University. It was their first job that forced them apart, but only for a while.

His Work with Rhett

The association of Link with Rhett dates to their teenage. They first collaborated when they were just fourteen. They wrote the screenplay for “Gutless Wonders”. However, the movie did not see the light of day.

Furthermore, they also shot a film parody of Oedipus the King. Link essayed the role of Oedipus’s father’s servant. In addition, they also created “Wax Paper Dogz”, a Christian punk rock band.  

Their show Good Mythical Morning is perhaps their most famous work together. If you haven’t watched it yet, here is the link to it.


In addition, they have an IFC series named Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings, a YouTube premium series, Rhett and Link’s Buddy System, three audio podcasts, RhettandLinkast, Ear Biscuits, and Ronstadt, The Mythical Show, Mythical Kitchen, and two books named Book of Mythicality and The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek.

Furthermore, they have released several music albums and appeared in films and on television. They own Mythical Entertainment. Moreover, the acquisition of Smosh is another big highlight of their career.

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