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After reaching 100 million YouTube subscribers, MrBeast has established itself as a household name. Indeed, the YouTuber Star’s feat in creating such a vast empire at such a young age is remarkable. Jimmy Donaldson has overtaken PewDiePie as the second individual creator with 100 million subscribers.

As a result, many of his followers think he might overtake PewDiePie. Fans are typically interested in Jimmy’s personal life because of his significant impact on the community. It’s interesting that Mr. Beast just revealed his new girlfriend online. 

This article has discussed MrBeast’s girlfriend, a well-known millionaire YouTuber, entertainer, and businessperson who has recently gained notoriety. Thea Booysen and Jimmy were rumored to be dating. So continue reading to learn everything. 

Who is MrBeast’s Girlfriend Thea Booysen?

MrBeast’s Girlfriend Thea Booysen

Thea Booysen, an independent online video maker, met her YouTuber boyfriend while he was traveling with Casey Neistat and Logan Paul, two other independent content creators, in her place of origin. Twitch streamer Thea Booysen is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

She devotes a significant amount of her online time to streaming Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, for which she was also employed as an eSports commentator during competitions. Thea Booysen, a well-known Twitch streamer, is also famous for writing the science fiction book “The Marked Children.”

In the United States, a paperback edition of the book is about $13.06. She also plays several different video games to amuse her audience in addition to being an official CDProjeckt Red caster. With about 22.9K followers, she is one of the most well-liked female streamers on Twitch.

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She is also quite active on YouTube, with over 17k subscribers, and Twitch. Thea and Jimmy have been spotted together frequently. Moreover, there have been numerous reports that the two are also involved in a covert romance. The two were initially seen this year in Cape Town, South Africa. Following Cape Town, the pair could be spotted once more at the 2022 Kid’s Choice Awards in April, when they posed for photos. 

Since When Thea Booysen and MrBeast Dating? 

Thea Booysen and MrBeast Dating

Thea Booysen and MrBeast have been dating since February 2022. She admitted on a Wide Awake podcast in October that she had met them all at the club through a friend and had decided to meet them on her own to learn more about Donaldson.

“Mr. Beast was a person I was aware of, and although I was aware of the wonderful things he was accomplishing, I was also fascinated from a psychological point of view, wondering if these people were acting or if they had a secret identity,” said she.Donaldson, according to Booysen, was very polite and down to earth.

Mrbeast Says He Put Thea Booysen “Through the Wringer” Before Deciding to Date.” He began interrogating her immediately after they met, and although she was initially perplexed, she eventually understood what he was doing.

She stated, “Little did I know he was actually like going off a list, because he was looking for a potential new girlfriend, and he had this whole list, he’s like: she has to have a hobby, she has to have some hobbies, she has to do this and that.”

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Donaldson acknowledged that he had to “throw her through the wringer” since he frequently didn’t get along with women who didn’t enjoy learning or having hobbies during an episode of the Flagrant podcast in September 2022. “If a woman, for example, doesn’t enjoy studying, isn’t passionate, or doesn’t have a hobby, I don’t think we get along very well.

If you have these characteristics, we get along pretty well, and if you don’t, it’s hard for us to hang out “he stated. After their first encounter, Donaldson began DMing her. By the time they had their second and third meetings—during which she traveled to the US with him after he visited South Africa—they had established a romantic relationship.  

Mrbeast and Thea Booysen Publicly Confirmed Their Relationship in September 2022. The first indication of their relationship came from a post that Booysen uploaded in March 2022. Still, at that point, followers had only made educated guesses about their possible connection and had already given their approval. When theyeeted about their Maldives vacation, it became a committed relationship. 

Mr beast and Maddy Spidell Are No Longer an Item 

The breaking news of Jimmy and Maddy Spidell’s year-long relationship swept the internet a few months ago. Yes, Maddy Spidell is Mr. Beast’s ex-girlfriend; the two were together for three years.

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American dancer and well-known social media influencer Maddy Spidell. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on March 31, 2000, in the United States. In 2019, Jimmy and Maddy connected on Twitter. Even though their relationship lasted three years, they both still appear happy. 

Not to mention that neither of them made any online announcements regarding their breakup. Indeed, the couple’s breakup surprised many of the couple’s supporters. Jimmy has formally confirmed his connection with Thea Booysen while ending supporters’ unfounded rumors.  


There are undoubtedly benefits to dating one of the largest influencers in the world, such as invitations to exclusive events and opulent travels worldwide.

However, Thea Booysen, the girlfriend of well-known YouTube influencer Mr. Beast, who has more than 113 million subscribers, asserts that it also has drawbacks. In a recent visit to the Wide Awake podcast, she discussed the drawbacks of being with someone so well-known. 

Thea, a Twitch broadcaster and novelist, acknowledged that their relationship causes her “extreme anxiety” because of all the attention it attracts. She discussed the intense amount of attention she has received due to the affair, saying that many people have called her a “money digger.”

However, the streamer, who began dating Mr. Beast earlier this year, claimed she tries not to take the insults personally because the trolls “don’t even know her.”

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