Who Is Tanner Buchanan’s Girlfriend, Lizze Broadway?

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Tanner Buchanan of Cobra Kai may have had on-screen chemistry with his “He’s All That” co-star Addison Rae, but his heart belongs to someone else in real life. Tanner Buchanan has been dating his real-life girlfriend, Lizze Broadway, since high school, and while the two did have a brief breakup as teenagers, there’s no denying Tanner Buchanan, and Lizze Broadway’s love story is extremely beautiful. Yes, the two keep their connection under wraps, but based on what you know about their long-term relationship, it is to be believed that they’re in it for the long haul.

If you haven’t heard of Broadway yet, you will be very soon. Her Broadway credentials include appearances in Here and Now, Bones, The Rookie, and Splitting Up Together, among others, and she was just cast as superhero Emma in The Boys’ untitled spinoff. She also starred with Madison Pettis (who also acted in “He’s All That” with Buchanan) and Darren Barnet in American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules.

Who is Tanner Buchanan?

Tanner Buchanan happened to be born on the 8th of December in the year 1998. In 2021, Tanner Buchanan will be 23 years old. He was raised in a Christian home in Lima, Ohio, where he was born. He is a Christian American citizen who was born in the United States. He had his early education in Lima, Ohio, at a local high school. He then enrolled in a nearby private school in Ohio and obtained his diploma.

He has always been fascinated by shows and dreamed of being a well-known actor in the American cinema and television industry since he was a child. Tanner Buchanan was born under the sign of Sagittarius. Tanner Buchanan was born to Steve Buchanan (father) and Marlona Buchanan (mother) (mother). He is currently in Los Angeles, California (USA). Tanner hails from the United States, and his diet isn’t entirely vegetarian. The primary objective of publishing this essay today is to inform readers about Tanner Buchanan’s 2021 girlfriend. As a result, keep reading to find out who Tanner Buchanan’s girlfriend is in 2021!

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Who Is Lizze Broadway?

Lizze was born in 1998 in Toledo, Ohio, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. After winning international modeling and talent competitions, she began her career in the entertainment industry. She’s been in a number of commercials and sound recordings, and she’s now taking on television roles. Elizabeth Broadway, sometimes known as Lizze Broadway, is an aspiring actress from the United States. The Rookie, Here and Now, and an appearance on American Pie Present: Girls’ Rules are just a few of the shows on which she has worked. Lizze was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. Although many people mistakenly believe that Lizze Broadway is her real name, Elizabeth Broadway is her maiden name.

Although she could not specify the source of her name, Broadway in New York may have been a factor in his selection. Lizze Broadway is presently dating Tanner Buchanan, a rising actor who has appeared in films such as Cobra Kai and the comedy He’s All That. Many people believe Tanner had a romantic involvement with Addison Rae, with whom he worked. Tanner and Lizze had known each other since they were children, growing up in Ohio.

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They Concisely Broke Up In 2015

Though it’s unknown when the two met, Broadway told Anna Faris during an August 2021 episode on her Unqualified podcast that they’d already been dating for “six years’ ‘ by the time she was 17, when they briefly split up. The couple broke up in 2015, and according to Buchanan, his behavior was the reason for Broadway’s breakup with him.

It was his fault, he confesses. During that moment, he was genuinely acting like an a**. Buchanan stressed to Faris that she had every right to [break up with him]. He doesn’t know what it was inside of him that made him feel that he could act the way he did, but he did. He was devastated after that. To cope, Buchanan watched The Fault in Our Stars “on repeat” until he finally gave Broadway an ultimatum, forcing her to return him.

He issued an ultimatum, and she was terrified of losing him. You’re like, if they don’t get back together, she won’t be able to communicate with him. Fortunately, the two have remained together since then. Broadway informed Buchanan on Faris’ podcast that she knew her as much as they didn’t know about themselves.

They Appeared Comic-Con Together In 2019

The couple went to Comic-Con in July 2019, and they even filmed a behind-the-scenes movie about their experience, which they shared on their joint YouTube channel, Lizze & Tanner (though sadly, they have yet to post any more videos together).

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They Flashed Breakup Rumours Again In 2020

Both Buchanan and Broadway appeared to remove the few photos they had together on Instagram (such as this gem and this adorable selfie) sometime in late 2020, prompting followers to believe they’d broken up. The couple, on the other hand, remained silent about the rumors.

They Established They’re Still Going Strong In 2021

Celebsindepth.com revealed despite the removed Instagram photos, Buchanan and Broadway are clearly still together. At the MTV Awards, Tanner and Addison astonished everyone by sharing a kiss. Actually, it happened that the two used to be dating as a consequence of this. They are, nonetheless, content in their own relationships.

When the time came to announce the Best Kiss winners, the two exchanged a kiss. People were fast to react to it in a matter of seconds. In fact, Addison’s ex, Bryce Hall, broke his silence on the subject.

Just Jared received photographs of the two kissing on a Venice balcony in July 2021, and Buchanan called Broadway his girlfriend in a GQ video the following month. Buchanan responded yes, he revealed, in response to a fan question about whether he had a girlfriend. Elizabeth Broadway is her name. Lizze Broadway is how most people know her. And she’s a dream come true.

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