Who is the new model Alexis Gaube on The Price Is Right?

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The Price Is Right is a Bob Stewart-created television game show. This game show was originally produced by Bill Todman and Mark Goodson though it is currently produced and owned by FremantleMedia. The brand is focused on television game shows, although products like video games, printed media, and board games are also available. The series started as a television game show presented by Bill Cullen in 1956 and was updated in 1972. Bob Barker was the original host of this edition. Since 2007, Drew Carey has been the known face for hosting the program.

Contestants compete for cash and prizes by predicting the price of items on the program. The show has been highly acclaimed and continues to do well in the ratings. It also managed to move away from the traditional quiz show formula utilized in other game programs. Since the release of the current edition, Alexis Gaube has been a well-known name to us.

Alexis Marie Gaube is an American model born on July 14, 1989, in Dayton, Ohio. If you are interested in video games, you may recognize her as a facial model for the character Jade in Mortal Kombat 11. We also saw her as one of the card dealers in reappearing version of Card Sharks since its 2019 broadcast with comedian and actor Joel McHale. She later joined The Price is Right as a new model in the show’s upcoming record-breaking anniversary.

Early Years & Career as a Model

Alexis is a Dayton, Ohio native who grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Her father, James William Gaube, is of the white race, and her mother, Teresa V Quaranto, is of the black race. She is of mixed ethnicity and of Americana nationality.

According to realitytitbit, Gaube soon found passion in modeling and embarking on a very successful modeling career with Pick ModelGlobal CHI, LA Models Runway, and Stew Art Talent Los Angeles. She is reported to be well-known for her own manner of styling, which includes her own unique method of walking the runway and posing that looks fantastic. Alexis is also renowned for her captivating beauty and great personality, as well as the unique characteristics that make her appear beautiful.

Alexis has modeled before, and this is not the first time she has been given a chance to do so. She has been modeling professionally for a number of years and is now represented by Select Model. 

Education of Alexis Gaube

Whoever claimed you could not have both beauty and intelligence obviously has not met Alexis. She acquired her bachelor’s degree in product development and clothing marketing from Bowling Green State University. Her LinkedIn page claims that she finished her degree program in only two years.

After completing her graduation from Bowling Green State University, she worked in retail for a few years before beginning her career. Alexis went on to work at Charlotte Russe and subsequently The Buckle after graduating from college.

The Price is Right and Card Sharks

Gaube earned a role as one of two card dealers on a revival of the classic television game show Card Sharks (the other being a male model and actor Jerry Wolf) in 2019, which premiered on ABC on June 12 and was hosted by actor and comedian Joel McHale.

Working on the Card Sharks revival may have paved the way for her to earn an impending role on another Goodson-Todman classic: joining the cast of The Price is Right for their forthcoming 50th Anniversary on CBS. As the program’s newest model, Gaube will join host Drew Carey, announcer George Gray, and existing models Amber Lancaster, Rachel Reynolds, James O’Halloran, Manuela Arbeláez, and Devin Goda.

On September 17, 2021, Gaube made her on-camera debut on The Price Is Right.

The relationship status of Alexis Gaube

People who want to fire their shot are undoubtedly flooding Alexis’ DMs on a regular basis. They, however, do not stand a chance. Alexis is married to Jacob Petway, and they have a child together. He does not appear to work in the entertainment world. The pair have been long together, and they seem to be happy.

She enjoys traveling

Alexis is an adventurous individual who is not afraid to take risks and try new things. She loves traveling and has visited a variety of beautiful places across the world. Japan, Thailand, and Mexico are among the nations she has visited. In the years ahead, she will most likely add even more stamps to her passport.

Facts about Alexis Gaube that you may not know

Although she is featured on IMDb, there are not many details on her on the internet. She has a really well-kept and fit figure, as she is well-known. Her stunning looks and amazing personality are also well-known. Her highlights are one-of-a-kind and gorgeous. Her height is about 5 feet and 9 inches. Her other measurements are 32 inches in the bust, 24 inches in the waist, and 35.5 inches in the hips.

She is also well-known on Instagram, where she has 12.6 thousand followers. Alexis is a similarly carefree person who enjoys a good smile.

Very little information is available about her assets. Alexis’ estimated total assets are still unknown but will be revealed very soon.

Alexis seems to be a pretty private person for the most part. For example, her affection for her family, on the other hand, is something she has shown openly. She has very tight connections with her loved ones and enjoys spending as much time as possible with them. It is unclear whether she has any siblings.

Alexis has not shied away from utilizing her platform to raise awareness about things that matter to her. She has written on the battle against racism and provided useful resources on the subject. Alexis is also a firm believer in citizens exercising their opportunity to vote.

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