Who Is TikToker Who Rejected Ben Affleck On A Dating App?

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Who is the woman who rejected Ben Affleck on a dating app?

The actor looked for her on another platform to ask what had happened.

Let’s imagine this impossible scenario: you’re on a dating app with strangers and you match up with a profile called “Ben Affleck”, you doubt it’s the real one and you block it. Then, on your Instagram profile, the same actor sends you a video to prove his identity and asks you to accept the “match.” All of that happened to Nivine Jay, a famous tiktoker who told her story this week.

The young American revealed in her social networks the sad story she lived by rejecting the famous Hollywood actor, winner of two Oscars. Through a video that she uploaded to her TikTok profile, Nivine Jay told in great detail how Ben Affleck looked for her on Instagram to ask her what had happened and why she had not accepted it in the other app.

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The application in question is called “Raya” and according to local press reports, it is only possible to access through a membership, after completing a rigorous verification process that leaves more than 100,000 people on the waiting list. But when the two agreed on things of fate, Nivine Jay doubted that it was the real Ben Affleck.

“I thought it was a fake profile, so I gave it ‘unpair’ and then Ben sent me a video to Instagram,” Nivine Jay recounted in her video that has millions of views on TikTok. “Nivine, why did you eliminate me? It’s me”, the actor is heard saying in the video that he sent to his private Instagram account to confirm his version.

Local media report that Nivine Jay is an actress, model, and writer. She started acting years ago and even has a book that came out in 2018 called “Crybaby” that recounts the journey of a young woman after ending the relationship with the love of her life. At the moment it is not known if Ben Affleck and TikTok managed to make an appointment, but history is taking the networks.

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