Who is Tooka? King Von lyrics inspiration and Chicago gang member

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Remember the Chicago teen, who was murdered in a gruesome gang shooting in 2012? Yes that Tooka, have you ever wondered why is he so hated nowadays. Let’s further discuss who is Tooka, why he is hated nowadays and recently why is he emerging in the internet discussions.

Who is Tooka?

Shonadale Gregory who is better known by his street name that is Tooka was a Chicago 15 year teen. On January 12, 2012, Tooka was waiting at a bus st when a car suddenly pulled up in front of him. Then a passenger came out of the car and after changing a small conversation with a few words, he came upon and shot Tooka multiple times and he was reported to be dead at the moment only.

Shondale Gregory also known as Tooka was recognised as the affiliate of the Chicago gang named the Gangster Disciples. According to the reports, his shooting incident is thought to be a retaliation attack for the death of another gang member who was 17-year old Eddrick Walker known by the street name of Ty. Ty was a crucial member of the Black Disciples that is the rival gang of The Ganger Disciples and it is as though the GD are the members behind Ty’s attack.

Now as a result of Tooka’s death, the members of The Gangster Disciples killed another Black Disciples gag member who was 20 years old, Odee Perry. These retaliation attacks continued one after another. According to the reports from a news portal, one of Tooka’s closest friends named Gakirah Barnes might be behind the killing. She is recognised as one of the most notorious female gang members in United States History. However, soon reports came out that Barnes was assassinated and murdered in 2014 at the age of 17 again due to a supposed retaliation for Odee Perry’s slaying thing.

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Why does King Von hate Tooka?

We all have read articles and reports, that King Von hate took a bit too much. Now let us introduce you to King Von. King VOn is an O Block rapper of Souther Chicago who is named after the Odee Perry by his fellow gang members. He was signed to very famous Lil Durk’s record label Empire Distribution and Only the Family. He is also the grandson of BD creator David Barksdale, King Dave.

Now as a part of the rivalry between the Chicago gangs, both of the members now started taunting each other through songs or social media. King Von even mentioned Smoking Takea many times. According to the urban dictionary  Smoking Takea means as a term that is used to describe powerful marijuana. This term got originated when Chief Keef’s of the Black Disciples crew murdered Shondale Gregory ( Tooka). So now smoking Takea would be an indirect humiliation towards Shondale’s demise.

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King Von even mentioned this indirectly in one of her rap songs through a line: ll These N****s: “Tooka in my lung, I say that every time he’s smoked. (He smoked).”

This was the line that brought Tooka again on the news and promoted the online community to speculate why King Von hate him so much.

In July 2021, Chicago Police also released many documents the revealed Von killed Gangster Disciples member Gakirah “KI” Barnes in April 2014 who may also be responsible for the killing of Black Disciples members Odee Perry. She was killed in retaliation by the GD over the killing of their important member Tooka Gregory who quite appears in King Von’s lyrics as well.

There was also a user who took it to Reddit to comment that according to him, the reason behind so much hatred could be because King Von took a beating from Tooka at some point of the time.

There was also a video where a user is seen saying “F*** Tooka we took his life”. The video almost gathers 8,000 views on Instagram instantly on the live feed. It is one of the reasons why all of a sudden this teen name Tooka is suddenly trending on the internet and that too after eight years of his death.

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years later, in a recent interview Chicago mothers who all have lost their children to violence include the late FBG duck’s mom, Tooka’s mother also opened up about the pain she felt hearing her child getting reduced to a disrespectful synonym for smoking weed. She said in her statement:

“I don’t get how they could be intimidated by someone who was 15 years old and want to take a person and want to be making it into a strain of weed,” she said. “Like how could you [say] ‘smoking on Tooka?’ Like where did that come from? Who smokes on a dead person? It makes me upset. … Where does the level of disrespect stop? He’s already dead.”
“People are just so cruel out here in this world,” Boyd added. “My son been dead for ten years. … If it ain’t the upcoming [rappers], it’s the ones already in the industry—and they don’t even know my son.”

To understand everything in a more detailed way you can refer to this video that mentions

Chicago’s gang war and violence that happens all around.

So, this was all about Tooka aka Shonadale Gregory, how he died, and everything else. This article also makes us aware of how teenage children are trapped in a world of gang wars and also losing their lives due to the same. Stay tuned to our website for other

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