Who Killed Sara: Season 3 Possible At Netflix? Or Not?

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Although the mystery about Sara’s death is solved, an even bigger one emerges involving a new character.

The second season of “Who Killed Sara?”Answered several questions, but left other questions that must be addressed in a third installment, however, so far Netflix has not confirmed a new batch of episodes of the series created by Jose Ignacio Valenzuela.

Although the mystery about Sara’s death is solved, an even bigger one emerges involving a new character.

Meanwhile, Leo Deluglio, who plays Alex Guzman as a young man, told Spoiler: “People are going to ask for a third season. The writer would have to rethink it. I know the story and I know how the series ends in the second season, I see a difficult one next because there would be nowhere to hang on,


The second season of “Who Killed Sara?”Leaves several questions, which without a doubt should be answered in a third installment, although for the moment Netflix has not confirmed anything about it.

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Chema confesses to Moncho’s crime and blames himself for Abel’s murder to pay his debt to Alex. Elisa sets the casino on fire, but before she is buried, Alex appears to rescue her. Marifer also arrives at the place, who apparently dies.

Alex is declared innocent, while Chema requests a reduced sentence and argues that he killed Moncho in defense, but regarding the murder of Abel Martinez, Elisa points out that there is only one person who can help them, Cesar Lazcano, but he is “dead.” Will Rodolfo’s father return to save his son from prison?

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Apparently not, as he is in an elegant mansion on a private island. While drinking and making bets he tells a woman who has lived many lives, and that she only needs to have a son and call him Alex.

Finally, Nicandro reviews some files of Dr. Alanis, Sara Guzman’s doctor. The documents read: “the first patient of the project.” He calls the doctor and tells him that he has sent him the money for not telling him the truth Alex. It is in your best interest that everyone believes that Marifer is the culprit, since “no one can know that we did it.”

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What do those words mean? What is Nicandro hiding? What do the doctor and his father have to do with it? How did Sara really die? Apparently, in some flashbacks, Alex’s sister was subjected to electroshock therapy.


The third season of “Who Killed Sara? ”Does not yet have an official trailer.


These are the cast members who could return for the third season of the Netflix series.

  • Manolo Cardona PLAYED BY Alex Guzman
  • Gines Garcia Millan PLAYED BY Cesar Lazcano
  • Carolina Miranda PLAYED BY Elisa Lazcano
  • Claudia Ramirez PLAYED BY Mariana Toledo de Lazcano
  • Alejandro Nones PLAYED BY Rodolfo Lazcano
  • Eugenio Siller PLAYED BY Jose Maria Lazcano
  • Ana Lucia Dominguez PLAYED BY Sofia
  • Inaki Godoy PLAYED BY Bruno
  • Ximena Lamadrid PLAYED BY Sara Guzman
  • Leo Deluglio PLAYED BY Alex Guzman
  • Polo Morin PLAYED BY Jose Maria Lazcano
  • Andres Baida PLAYED BY Rodolfo Lazcano
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The third season of “Who Killed Sara? It does not yet have a release date on Netflix, but it is most likely that the new episodes will hit the platform in the last months of 2021 or even earlier, considering that the second installment was released less than two months after the first.

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