Why Adele Spent Thousands Of Dollars On A Bodyguard?

Itziar Morte

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The star allocated a fortune for his well-being.

Beyonce, Adele, and Katy Perry are just some of the most famous artists of their time. With several million dollars in their bank accounts, they all own huge properties and own small empires that they have built over the years. In the case of the British diva, she spent several thousand hiring a bodyguard for an unusual reason.

With the first financial results of her album in 2011, Adele bought a huge mansion in Sussex, England. But her real estate investment was quickly tarnished when the 15-time Grammy-winning singer experienced unwanted and invisible presences in the home, a disconcerting experience that prompted the singer to hire a personal bodyguard.

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According to media reports, the property was built in 1900. The previous owners expanded and renovated the site to create a larger country front with an Art Deco theme. Inside, the mansion has 13 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, several reception rooms and living rooms, and even an indoor pool.

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But the lavish deco was not the only thing Adele found in that house. The singer herself revealed that she experienced paranormal activities inside her mansion.

“Adele refuses to sleep alone in her new mansion because she is convinced that it is haunted,” a source linked to the star told the British press. They also mentioned that she paid the bodyguard 100,000 pounds a year to keep him company in the ‘haunted’ mansion which she eventually sold over time.

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