Why Brian Austin Green Wasn’t Able to See His Oldest Son

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Brian Austin Green: Why He Didn’t See His Oldest Son During…

Brian Austin Green, the American actor, and producer, has recently spoken out about the reasons why he was unable to see his oldest son, Kassius, during the lockdown.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Green opened up about his struggles to see his son during the pandemic. He revealed that he and Kassius’ mother, actress and model Vanessa Marcil, have had a difficult relationship over the years. This has resulted in tension and disagreements over visitation rights, particularly during the pandemic.

Green also explained that due to his work schedule and travel restrictions, he was unable to fly to see Kassius during the pandemic. He expressed his disappointment at being unable to spend time with his son, particularly during these difficult times.

However, despite the challenges, Green stressed that maintaining a relationship with his son remains a top priority for him. He also revealed that he and Kassius have managed to find other ways to stay connected during the pandemic, such as through video calls and regular phone chats.

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Green’s experience highlights the challenge faced by parents during the pandemic, as restrictions on travel and social distancing have made it difficult for families to see each other. However, with a commitment to communication and finding alternative ways to stay connected, many families have been able to overcome these challenges.

Overall, Green’s situation serves as a reminder that even during these difficult times, it is important to prioritize our relationships with loved ones and to find creative ways to maintain these connections, no matter the circumstances.

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