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Charm became one of the most acclaimed animated films of 2021. The recent winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Film was one of Disney’s great successes, which does not rule out a sequel.

Beyond the catchiness of the songs with which the Madrigal family delights us throughout this film, the truth is that their story has touched the hearts of adults and children. The family is that first place of belonging for all human beings, so when we look at it, it is very likely that each of us connects with its deepest fibers.

Why Charm leaves a mark?

Because it tells us about the talents and gifts of each person

Unfortunately, we are more used to detecting the defects of others, rather than highlighting their gifts. Encanto shows that everyone has a lot to contribute to the family, to society, with their own difficulties, and differentiating themselves very well from each other, because each person is unique and unrepeatable.

Likewise, he shares with us the experience of those who do not “discover their gift”, and highlights the immense problem of self-esteem to which children and adolescents are exposed today. Discover how wonderful your life is and how much you have to give.

Because it tells us about sibling rivalry

The first link with a couple that we establish as people is this relationship between brothers. As we well know, he is not exempt from fights, jealousy, anger, etc. However, as the film reflects, all of this coexists with a very strong bond, where laughing together and sharing from the depths illuminates our entire brotherhood.

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Because it tells us about “that which is not talked about”

The film expresses in a novel way the idea of ​​those “excluded” from a family, who can be people, as in the case of Bruno, or situations experienced by the family. Leaving behind taboos, prejudices, and encourage us to sincerely put everything that happens on the table, inviting all members to be part of this great family table. Although difficulties sometimes arise, always make sure to include. Agree on the differences. Great challenge for every family.

Because it tells us about the intergenerational bond

In a society that often turns its back on older adults, revalue the role of the grandmother and above all reflect that the youngest must also take their place, and that the house is “built” with the contribution of all.

Because it tells us about the duel

Everyone in our family has gone through some kind of mourning, which not only refers to the loss of a loved one, but also to all those resignations or losses that we have suffered throughout our lives. The way of experiencing these situations speaks volumes about the history of each family, and without a doubt, when this pain is discussed, shared, and processed as a family, it offers us an enormous possibility of growing as individuals and also as a family.

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Because it speaks to us of celebration

The joy around the upcoming engagement and wedding connects us with the importance of being able to celebrate events as a family. Many times we focus on the difficult times that we have to go through, but sharing achievements and celebrating them is also very important, and it is good that we do not forget to work on it as a family.

Because it speaks to us of community

Today, despite the individualistic culture in which we are accustomed to living, we note with great joy that in some way we are once again revaluing the role of the family, and of each of our communities. The human being is a social being. And to unfold his potential, he also needs others, that other who accompanies us, who shows us that we are not alone, that we are a team, that we are a community.

The resources provided by technology and social networks enhance this possibility of generating communities, and meeting those people with whom we have a common goal. How much more beautiful it is to walk life accompanied.

To talk as a family:

Each movie can be an excellent trigger to talk with our children, taking advantage of the themes it touches on, and sharing how each story resonates with them. Starting with Enchantment, we can talk:

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Of the gifts of each member of the family

A nice exercise could be for everyone to write on a piece of paper those positive characteristics of others, including their own, and then put them in common.

This activity can be done even with young children, helping them to express themselves but also making them participate.

Of those excluded from the family

Here the adults will have a little more protagonism, trying to connect with those people or those topics that were left aside throughout the family history.

We can propose a call, or an invitation to that person who is farthest away, or a debate on those “difficult” topics to talk about, adapting the conversation to the ages of the children, but without neglecting sincerity.

of family celebrations

Each family weaves the history of its way of celebrating the different events. Sometimes a little without thinking about it, but it is good to talk together about our “family rituals” and together come up with ideas to enrich them.

Enchantment we love it, to continue sharing with the family.

By Magdalena Clariá / Lic. in Psychology. Lawyer and Mercedes Gotán / Mediator and Family Counselor Mercedes Gontán.

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