Why Did Don Spirit Kill His Family?

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One convicted felon fatally shot his daughter and six grandchildren before killing himself an ina Florida home. The shooter was identified as 51-year-old Don Spirit took his own life after police officers arrived at the residence in Bell and that too outside Gainesville, Gilchrist County Sheriff Robert. Schultz said that authorities found almost seven victims all around the property. It even included a 10-week old baby.

Don Spirit already had a very lengthy criminal record stretching back 22 years. According to the reports from 2003 show that one charge, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon came after he pleaded guilty to accidentally shooting and killing his 8-year-old son while they were out hunting.

He was even sentenced to three years in prison and was also convicted of depriving a child of food and shelter, and possession of drug paraphernalia between 1992 and 1995. The officers said officers had previously been out to that residence on numerous law enforcement occasions. The victims identified were Sarah Lorraine Spirit, 28, and her daughters Alanna Stewart, 2½ months, Brandon Stewart, 4, Destiny Stewart, 5, and Kylie Kuhlmann, 9, and sons Johnathon Kuhlmann, 8, and Kaleb Kuhlmann, 11. “This is something you can’t explain,” Schultz said at a press conference. “I will continue to ask everybody to pray for the families.”

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Now question comes why did Don Spirit kill his family?

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has brought out some possible motives in their final investigative report. The report came six months after spirit 51 killed his and grandchildren. Spirit was actually angry with the great aunt to three of the children. He felt the rage toward Colleen Stewart. Colleen Stewart is the great aunt of three kids who were actually at the trailer the day before the murders. According to the reports, he said that he was stressed out that Sarah was unemployed and taking money for sexual acts with a man.

In addition to that, Spirit accused Stewart of turning Sarah into a prostitute and said that her children were going to live at least this kind of life. Meanwhile, it was also reported that he was bipolar and possibly under the influence of drugs. The FDLE report also indicated that Spirit had been off his medication for weeks and was also smoking spice.

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After six years, Don spirit 9-1-1 call is being circulated on TikTok. There are also many videos on TikTok available under the hashtag #donspirit. Many of the circulated videos contain audio from Spirit’s 9-1-1 call. Some content are available about the graphic content and some are without them.

Spirit was actually facing outside his trailer by the time the first units from the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office arrived. She said, “I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at the Stewarts,”. Additionally, Spirit also told the deputies that Colleen Stewart has turned Sarah into a whore and drugs. Now, I am completely fed up with this whole family. He said, the Stewart family has ruined my life, ruined my family and I am tired of all and I have completely taken care of all. Spirit also then emerged from the back of the trailer with a semi-automatic weapon and died by suicide.

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