Why Pamela Anderson Chose to Reject Netflix Documentary About Her Life


Netflix has announced the premiere of the documentary, “Pamela, a Love Story,” showcasing Pamela Anderson’s life, career and archives. The documentary will premiere on January 31, 2023 and provide an intimate, humanizing look into one of the world’s most iconic blonde bombshells.

The doc is directed by Ryan White and narrated by Anderson’s sons, Brandon and Dylan Lee. Anderson was initially hesitant to participate in the project, due to her refusal of the mini-series “Pam & Tommy” on Disney+. However, her sons paved the way for the project by encouraging her to tell her story in an authentic, unaltered way.

“Brandon can convince me of anything with his sincere heart and the ferocity that only a son can have,” Anderson told Vanity Fair. “He wanted to tell my story, authentically and without distortion.” Anderson has given full access to her archives, her diaries and her photos and videos, but she has no intention of watching her documentary, as she shared on Twitter:

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“I haven’t seen it and I have no intention of seeing it,” Anderson confirmed. “I have given full access to my archives and logs and I hope that with full transparency it will make sense to someone.”

The streaming giant has high hopes that this project will provide an incredibly insightful look into Anderson’s life and successes, as well as how she has always remained true to herself.

“Pamela, a Love Story,” will be available on Netflix on January 31st.

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