Why You Should Visit the North of Spain This Summer

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Spain is a wonderful country known for its cultural diversity and rich history. Many claim that it’s as if Spain consists of small countries neatly blended into one nation. 

That being said, you can never run out of things to explore in Spain, especially since there’s a lot to do and see. However, many tourists would often fixate on going to widely popular cities only, such as Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, and Sevilla. While these are great destinations, you need to know that there’s a lot you’re missing out on if you’re only limiting your trip here. 

As you’re planning out your itinerary for our travel bucket list this summer, why not try something new this time around? If you’re planning to go to Spain anyway, you should definitely consider visiting its Northern region. 

The North of Spain packs a lot of enjoyment for you to indulge in from great food, excellent landscapes, wine, activities, and more. Not only that, but its staggering diversity and great weather are among the things that make the area an undiscovered gem that’ll win your heart over. 

Here are some reasons why the North of Spain is a must-visit this summer. 

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1. Picturesque Landscapes 

Spain’s endearing trait is its rich diversity since it’s mainly filled with national parks and nature reserves which are the pride of its tourism. If you particularly have an affinity to nature and the outdoors, you’ll love Spain’s scenic landscapes and greenery, alongside its great weather. The views in Spain can easily make you feel as if you’re out in Switzerland, or even in Austria. 

Northern Spain consists of abundant rivers, mountains, lakes, hills, and valleys, which are a treat if you want to spend your vacation simply just to unwind and relax. 

2. Fantastic cities 

Of course, the country offers a lot more than just its countryside landscapes. If you like the city and the city view, you will be delighted to discover how the North of Spain has a lot to offer — each with its own vibe and characteristics. 

San Sebastian, the shining crown of Spain’s northern region, is a great example. Hailed as the world’s foodie capital, San Sebastian is home to excellent cuisine, tourist spots, and beaches where you can plunge to beat the heat. You can rent a car and explore the various spots in the area, such as the renowned Guggenheim Museum located in Bilbao or the Oviedo if you prefer strolling along the old town streets. While you’re at it, you can make yourself feel at home with cozy accommodations in apartments in Bilbao during your vacation. 

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3. Fresh and varied cuisine 

You’ll be delighted to sample the wonderfully varied food and cuisine in the North of Spain. You’ll find yourself wanting more from an extensive range of seafood and delectable meat platters. A few of the many unique dishes you can try here are octopus in fried garlic, cured meat dishes, or tomato and cheese bruschetta options which you can try in pico. These mouthwatering meals are delicious to a fault. After spending a long day exploring different areas in the location, try allotting some time to indulge yourself with North Spain’s cuisine coupled with exquisite wines and beers. 

4. Ease of Driving 

Driving is surprisingly easy in the North of Spain. This makes the region an ideal place for a getaway since you seemingly have more space to yourself. As a tourist, driving on the wrong side of the road can be nerve-wracking; however, you don’t have to experience that in the North. Cars are sparse on the road, which means you don’t have to be on the constant lookout for crazy drivers. Apart from that, there are also many parking spots for you to snag. Driving to your destination is an absolute breeze because there’s almost nothing you have to worry about. 

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5. Abundant Hiking Trails 

For adventure-seekers, Northern Spain should be on your travel bucket list simply because the place provides a plethora of hiking trails — all varying with levels of difficulty. 

Some of the most well-known hikes you can take on are the Camino de Santiago or the Ruta del Cares routes that pass through all the regions of Northern Spain. This is a great way for you to satiate your thirst for adventure while still basking in the glory of the area’s lush greenery and breathtaking views. You can also always opt for alternative hiking trail routes for this if you prefer having relaxed or shorter hikes during your vacation. Nonetheless, hiking is an activity you wouldn’t want to miss in the North!

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