Will ‘Assault on the mint’ be the action thriller that will save Netflix?: Top 10 of the most watched


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It has recently been revealed that, with the loss of Netflix subscribers, the company has been going through a crisis since it began operations. Other streaming platforms have accelerated the pace, but with ‘Assault on the mint’ the company wants to recover the most popular of the Top 10 of the most watched.

Currently the Top 10 of the most watched on Netflix is ​​divided between series and movies, which have their own popularity ranking. So, that means that we will have 20 positions that are fighting for the most watched this day within the streaming platform, each with its respective list.

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In the case of movies, ‘Assault on the mint’ is the Spanish action movie that has become fashionable. This is a thriller starring Freddie Highmore, the star of ‘The Good Doctor’, along with Sam Riley, among others. The story follows an engineer and his team of thieves who plan to steal a treasure hidden in the Bank of Spain.

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top 10 movies

Assault on monda’s house The princess of the Yakuza From my sky Playing with fire Between life and death Shrek The Intruder My footprints home Metal Lords The secret life of your pets

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While, on the side of the series, the trends certainly follow a similar pattern, because in the first position we find ‘Pálpito’, the first season of a Colombian suspense series that has captured the attention of subscribers in recent weeks. for its mysterious history.

Top 10 series on Netflix

Probably another of the most successful Colombian titles on the platform, and perhaps of all time, is ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’, a Colombian telenovela from 1999 that has not stopped being fashionable ever since. While on the totally opposite side we have ‘Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes’, a criminal mini-docuseries about a sadistic killer who hid behind a clown’s makeup.

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Guess I am Betty, the ugly Conversations with murderers: The John Wayne Gacy tapes Not a word Heartstopper Anatomy of an Elite scandal The inclemencies of love Bridgerton El Chema

Finally, in the series we have ‘Not a single word’, another suspenseful miniseries that comes from Poland. Followed by ‘Heartstopper’, a romantic series from Great Britain. While we also find ‘Anatomy of a scandal’, ‘Elite’, the new chapters of ‘Las inclemencias del amor’ among others.

And in the movies we find titles like the exciting ‘From my sky’, ‘Playing with fire’, ‘Between life and death’, as well as the unforgettable comedy ‘Shkrek’, among many others that complete the Top 10 of the most popular movies and series on the Netflix service.

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