Will Smith criticizes Jim Carrey’s controversy resurfaces for forcefully kissing Alicia Silverstone


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After Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscar Awards, many celebrities have commented on the situation and among those who have caused the most controversy is Jim Carrey, who claimed to have been “disgusted” with everything that happened. Now, the actor and comedian is criticized and even called a “hypocrite”, as the moment in which he forcefully kissed Alicia Silverstone resurfaced.

This event dates back to the 1997 edition of the MTV Awards, a ceremony in which Jim Carrey received the award for Best Villain for his work on ‘The Cable Guy’. Alicia Silverstone was the one who presented this award and when she waited for the actor to go on stage to get the statuette, he chose to kiss her first, in full international live broadcast.

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Unfortunately, the action is forced: The protagonist of ‘Sonic’ holds the actress by the neck and she shows intentions of wanting to get out of the kiss and later shows signs of being extremely uncomfortable: she keeps her eyes behind the cameras and walks around the stage trying get out of the whole situation, which seems to be zero consensual.

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In addition to the criticism going for having done it without the consent of the actress, notably uncomfortable, it has also been pointed out because during that time, she was barely 19-20 years old, while Jim Carrey beat her with 15 more, since he was 35 In turn, The Independent confirms that Alice Silverstone confessed to the media that she felt “humiliated” by the fact and that the actor would have apologized behind the scenes.

In social networks they have questioned him and called him a “hypocrite” for criticizing Will Smith defending the actress Jada Pinkett Smith, her husband, for the Chris Rock joke of which he was a victim during the 2022 Oscar Awards: they consider that he is nobody to point out the winner of the golden statuette, since this is one of the multiple non-consensual actions that he has had on stage on different people.

“It disgusts me”: Jim Carrey on standing ovation for Will Smith after altercation

In an interview with CBS Morning, for promotional reasons for ‘Sonic 2’, Jim Carrey gave his opinion on what happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscar Awards. The actor limited himself to pointing out the actions of the first actor and even pointed out that he felt “disgusted” because after said altercation, the public applauded him for winning the award for Best Actor for ‘King Richard’, where he played Richard Williams.

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In turn, he mentioned that, if Will Smith’s attitude was not good, neither was Hollywood’s reaction to him, since he considers that they were cowards for applauding him when the actor got up to receive the award he received that night: “Hollywood is simply a coward en masse and I felt this is a very clear indication that we are no longer the cool club.”

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