Will there be season 2 of Mare of Easttown on HBO?

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Will there be season 2 of Mare of Easttown on HBO?

The enormous critical and public success achieved by Mare of Easttown they have turned the police series starring Kate Winslet in one of the television phenomena so far this year. And although it was conceived as a closed miniseries, there are not few fans who wonder why a possible second season, a new case that may bring Mare and the rest of the Easttown people back.

Asked about this possibility, the scriptwriter of the series, Brad Ingelsby, did not rule out the possibility of returning to the small town of Pennsylvania provided they find a story that convinces them enough and “Live up to the first season.”

Mare of Easttown was written as a limited series and ends, there are no more mysteries to be solved. But if kate [Winslet] and I found a new story worth telling, we can give Mare a new chapter, “he said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in which he leaves the door open to a possible new season as long as it is something that “convince” them and have “a new story that manages to live up to the first season and can delight the public.”

Winslet herself, protagonist and also producer of the project, was even clearer, who I assure that she would be “delighted” to get back into the skin of the inspector Mare Sheehan. “I miss her, I really do. It’s the strangest thing. I feel like I’m in mourning“, he confesses in an interview with TV Line in which he assures that the HBO series” was a completely wonderful role. “

There’s something very addictive about bringing Mare to life, because she’s so outrageous, adorable, brilliant, and real … you know? I loved playing it“, Winslet sentence.

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