Willow Smith Reveals She Is Polyamorous

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  • Willow Smith is polyamorous – what is it?
  • Willow Smith said on a show that she is polyamorous. What does that mean exactly?

Willow Smith surprised her family by saying that she was polyamorous

When Willow Smith counts in the Red Table Talk that she is polyamorous, it was not only met with understanding. The show, in which Jada Pinkett Smith talks about various topics with her mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris and her daughter Willow, has already talked about a lot. But seldom has the generation differences been seen as clearly as with the subject of polyamory! But what does “polyamorous life” actually mean?

What does “polyamorous life” mean?

Polyamory is the opposite of monogamy: “Poly” comes from Greek and means something like “many, several” and “amor” means “love” – “Mono” means “one” in Greek. For many, the term “monogamy” is a term that means something like “exclusive marriage”. With the same thought, monogamy means “exclusive love (relationship)” and polyamory “multiple love relationships”.

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In plain language, living polyamorously means nothing more than having a sexual and/or emotional relationship with several people instead of just one. Such a form of love still encounters confusion and incomprehension in our culture. Because society (including the legal system) only recognizes the romantic relationship of two people. Marriage can only be concluded between two people. Everything that is lived beyond that is not forbidden, but also not really viewed.

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Grandma Smith is skeptical

The reactions of the two Smith ladies to the statement by “Transparent Soul” singer Willow Smith that she lived polyamorously were exciting. While her mother, Jada, seemed very open, her grandmother Adrienne was rather skeptical: “For someone like me, it sounds like it’s all about sex .” Willow denied this and made it clear that she wasn’t necessarily about sex with another person. However, she asked an interesting question in the room: “Let’s just say that you were never the person who was interested in sex with another, but your partner was. Then are you the person who says, ‘I don’t have these needs, so you can’t have them either? “Willow had looked into the subject and found that monogamous relationships often broke up because of fraud. This is not a problem in a polyamorous relationship.

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Mama Smith supports her daughter

At least her mother Jada was able to convince Willow, who made an exciting statement on the subject: “ I know that there are a lot of beautiful things outside of conventional bubbles. Most people practice monogamy because they feel they have no other choice. But that has to be a choice you have to make, just as you have to decide to live polymer. It can’t go like this because I’m told it has to go like this. That, my dear, is pretty dusty and no longer works these days. “Well said! A love relationship can be multi-faceted and also involve several people – as long as all sides are compliant.

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