Wincent Weiss: Instagram news makes fans cry

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Wincent Weiss: Instagram news makes fans cry
  • Wincent Weiss fans are shocked by the singer’s new Insta-Post. Is he serious?

Wincent Weiss: Full schedule

The singer has a busy schedule because the new album “Maybe Irgendwann” is imminent (release: May 7th, 2021). On his YouTube channel, he takes his fans with him every week as the album is made. He gives insights into sleepless nights in the studio and exciting discussions with his producer Kevin Zaremba. For the coming year, he has announced the “Maybe Sometime Tour”. He also works as a coach at The Voice Kids and fights with his jury colleagues for the best talent and victory. Quite stressful …

Wincent Weiss: Fans are shocked by his Instagram pictures

With all the stress, is there time left for a visit to the hairdresser? His mane is getting longer and longer – but actually, we all love Wincent’s long, curly hair, right ?! Then yesterday evening the shock: Wincent shares two pictures in which his hair has been shaved. In addition the caption: “ So, just been to the hairdresser! Finally short hair again ”. The fans are sad. Comments like “ neeeiiiinnnnn his haireeeee ” or “ No! Why not long ?! “Can be seen under the post. But wait a minute – somehow the pictures seem familiar to us.  After the final concert of his “Somehow Anders” tour in December 2019, he also shocked us with short hair. Lo and behold, the pictures are the same – what ?! Was he just kidding his fans? You seem to find out about him. “ The photos look familiar to me, “writes a user, “ At first I was shocked, but I think they are pictures from last year” suspects another fan. So we just have to wait and see if it will be earlier than April Fool’s Day is or whether Wincent has really short hair and just shared an old picture..

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