Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2: Everything We Know so far

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The first season of Wise Man’s received immensely amazing reviews. In fact, the numbers and scores are enough reason to expect the show’s second season. In Japanese, wise Man’s Grandchild or Kenja No Mago is one popular manga series adaptation. It is written by Yoshioka and is illustrated by Shusuke Ogata.

The manga series was serialized on Kadokawa Shoten’s Young Ace Up website in March 2016. After that, the manga was then adapted into a television anime series by Silver Link productions. The new anime tv series was then premiered on April 10, 2019. Fans loved the show and showered it with immense love. The anime also received a positive response from the critics.

Now, as everything went well for the series, fans are wondering whether they will get a new season of Wise Man’s Grandchild or not. To answer your doubts, we have collected all the possible information about the series, and here’s everything we know about the renewal of the anime television series.

Will Season 2 Of ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ Happen?

The anime’s first season showcased us just 12 episodes, and the series ended on June 26, 2019. Wise Man’s Grandchild season 1 received great reviews and scores from the fans and critics. The scores are so favorable that we can surely expect season 2 for the anime television series. On MyAnimeList, the series got 6.60/10. We also know that the show is based on the Kenja No Mago series on a Japanese light novel series. It has 15 volumes. This shows that pretty much source material is also left to bring us a new season.

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Furthermore, Kadokawa also wants to focus on creating and fostering new hit series. It also intends to release on Isekai anime per season, at least. Kadokawa producers have also started talking about The Rising Of The Sheild Hero season 2. So if these ones can have a renewal, then why not for Wise Man’s Grandchild. We will update you if we get any further news on the Season 2 renewal of the show.

Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 Release Date

According to our recent research, we don’t have a release date for Wise Man’s Grandchild season 2. That’s because the series has not been renewed by the makers as of now. A new season of this anime will only get a green light if the makers think the revenue generated from the series had a great profit to them. As soon as we get any update on the release date of the show, we will surely update it in our article.

What Is The Plotline of Wise Man’s Granchild?

The story of the anime series Wise Man’s Grandchild follows a Japanese salaryman show actually dies in a car accident. However, luckily, he gets a chance to live another life and is reborn in another world, too, in the form of a child. In that new world, he gets picked up by merlin Wolford, a character who happens to be a patriot hero. He gave him the same Shin.

The world where Shin was born is completely ruled by sorcery and magic all around. Eventually, Shin even turns into the grandson of Merlin and learns many teachings from him. Season 1 of the anime series premiered in April 2019 on AT-X. After a lot of time, it was then picked up by Tokyo MX, BS11, and other Japanese TV channels and networks. The anime is based on Tsuyoshi Yoshioka, and in North America, the series was then licensed by Funimation.

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Expected Plot Of Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2

We do not have much information about the second season and its plot at the moment. However, we know that the first season of anime covered the magical beach volleyball scene of the manga volumes. But, chapter 26 of Manga volume also consists of additional sunscreen shenanigans, delinquent Granpa fishing, and more. So, we can hope that all these sections will be covered in season 2 of Wise Man’s Grandchild season 2.

Characters in Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2

In the Japanese version of the anime series, the role of Shin was played by the great actor Yuusuke Kobayashi how. Shin is not alone in his adventures and is joined by the cast of characters who are attending the same magical academy as the protagonist. It includes Shin’s best friend and the prince of the Kingdom, August von Earlshide (Shouhei Komatsu) and Sicily von Claude (Rina Honizumi). He is a fellow academy student and shin’s love interest. When we talk of the English dub, these characters will be reprised again by Daman Mills, Lindsay Seidel, Brandon Mcinnis, respectively.

The main trio of characters will be joined by a group of characters that will populate the strange fantasy world of the shin. Shin’s magical tutor and guardian, Merlin Wolford, Melinda Bowen, Shin’s original magic teacher, and the main father figure. We will see all of these characters for sure and even more if makers decide to bring in new characters into the storyline. Here’s a summary of the characters we expect to see in season two of the show.

  • Shin Wolford | Voiced by: Yūsuke Kobayashi (Japanese); Daman Mills, Alison Viktorin (child) (English)
  • August von Earlshide | Voiced by: Shōhei Komatsu (Japanese); Brandon McInnis (English)
  • Maria von Messina | Voiced by: Yūki Wakai (Japanese); Katelyn Barr (English)
  • Sizilien “Sicily” von Claude | Voiced by: Rina Honnizumi (Japanese); Lindsay Seidel (English)
  • Alice Corner | Voiced by: Miyu Kubota (Japanese); Kristin Sutton (English)
  • Thor von Flegel | Voiced by: Arisa Shida (Japanese); Morgan Berry (English)
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Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, we don’t have a trailer for Wise Man’s Grandchild season 2 at present. But as soon as the makers give a green signal to season 2 of the show, we will surely update it here. Until then you can have a look at the trailer for the first season of the series below.

So this was all that we know about Wise Man’s Grandchild anime series season 2. We really hope the show makers announce renewal for the series as early as possible. Also, when they do this, we will be the first ones to update our article with all they need information. Until then, stay tuned to our website and read more articles like this right here.

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