With a gold medal, Cecilia Suárez from ‘La Casa de las Flores’ is recognized for her contribution to cinema


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Many of her fans remember her for her iconic role as the beloved Paulina de la Mora from ‘La Casa de las Flores’ on Netflix, however Cecilia Suárez’s career has an extensive filmography, for which she has recently been awarded in Europe with a gold medal for his contribution to Iberian cinema.

The Mexican actress, a native of the state of Tamaulipas, Cecilia Suárez, has not only worked in Mexican productions but has also participated in some Spanish works such as the series ‘Someone has to die’ which, like ‘La Casa de las Flores’ is also from Netflix and is also directed by the renowned Manolo Caro.

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Not many people know it, but Manolo Caro and Cecilia Suárez have shared work on several occasions, not only on Netflix but for several years, with productions such as “Elvira: I would give you my life but I am using it” or a special participation in “I don’t know whether to cut my veins or leave them long”.

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The Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences has awarded Cecilia Suárez the 2022 Gold Medal for her contribution to Iberian cinema, rewarding her career as a renowned Mexican actress who has managed to transcend beyond her country, captivating other regions with their talent to work in front of the cameras.

It was an appointment in a very emotional event, it was to see the range of reasons why some of us have passed through here, come to Spain for some reason, “said Suárez.

In two years, the famous actress has participated in 5 Spanish productions, among which “La passengera”, “3 camino” and “Alegría” stand out, so it is not surprising that she was recognized with this award for her career and contribution to the cinema, in view of the fact that in recent years he has achieved several successes on the big screen.

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Cecilia Suárez is not fighting with Mexico

Because of this recognition, the Mexican actress took the opportunity to talk about the importance of expanding your career everywhere, without letting geographical limits stop you: “It’s not that I left Mexico, but later more work things came out , one thing led to another in an unexpected way,” he said.

On the other hand, the actress also pointed out that she continues to do things in Mexico, so she could eventually appear again in a series or movie on streaming platforms, such as her most recent participation in HBO Max with, the sequel to ‘Sexo, Shame and Tears’ which turned out to be a huge hit with fans.

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