Without fear! This is how Bella Thorne responded to the leak of her photos in OnlyFans

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Bella Thorne paralyzed the networks last year when she joined OnlyFans and in the first week, she earned more than 1 million dollars for her photos and videos with high sexual content. Now the diva faces a new leak of her photos on other social networks, for which she took her Instagram to ensure through a video, which left little to the imagination, that she is not willing to tone down.

This is probably one of the best moments in the life of Bella Thorne: with a clearly rising acting career, owner of her own production company, the target of independent directors, and a wedding on the way. The 23-year-old actress recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo after two years of dating.

Surpassed Bella Thorne: who is the influencer that blew up OnlyFans

At the moment there are many plans in the life of Bella Thorne, who shared studies with Zendaya. In the middle of an interview, he gave to Variety magazine, in which he elaborated on his future plans and the path traveled so far. “My first book was titled ‘The Life of an Aspiring Tycoon: Mental Disorder.’ I literally say that this is what the inside of my brain looks like, ”said the diva.

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The world of opportunity behind OnlyFans is revealed in a new documentary that explores how celebrities like Bella Thorne profited from the subscription content platform. In the harshest months of confinement amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the former Disney star opened a profile that blew up the network in the first week.

The Hulu documentary, “OnlyFans: Selling Sexy” was recently released and reveals in its teaser some celebrities like Bella Thorne, who made the leap from the screens to one of the most used networks today. In the first preview, some go-ahead to tell how they sell in OnlyFans what Instagram considers adult content, but that had a good place in the networks.

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