Wonder Woman’ game release date, trailer, developer, and gameplay features

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A stunning announcement greeted the Game Awards spectators that no one anticipated: a “Wonder Woman” video game. Monolith Productions is handling the development, which can only imply it will be an action-packed, thrilling trip just like “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor” and its highly acclaimed followup “Shadow of War.” Monolith Productions, which made its reputation making “Lord of the Rings” games, is best prepared to offer a Wonder Woman game that can meet the fans’ expectations. Even further, there is a strong likelihood that the Nemesis System from WB Games will be introduced again. At The Game Awards, gamers only received a brief preview, but it was enough to pique fans’ interest.

WB Games and Monolith Productions are holding facts about “Wonder Woman” under wraps. However, depending on the developer’s background and the superheroine’s story, we can deduce a lot about the game’s eventual shape. Fan’s may express their concern about WB Games as the developer was in difficulty earlier this year, but in spite of those, “Wonder Woman” is taking a hopeful movement ahead. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming “Wonder Woman” game, such as the teaser, launch date, and what to anticipate from the gameplay.

Release schedule of Wonder Woman

Both comic book lovers and fans of Monolith Production’s gaming are eager to know about the game’s release window, but the developer has mentioned no specific launch date. The first teaser merely provided gamers with a quick look of Wonder Woman herself, something like a steady build-up of a surprise. Fans have to wait a while before the release of the gameplay trailer, which will ideally come with an official release window. The other projects in WB Games’ lineup are also worth considering. In 2022, both “Gotham Knights” and “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” will be launched. Therefore both projects are likely to take precedence over “Wonder Woman.”  

Trailer of Wonder Woman Game

“Wonder Woman” has a teaser first shown at The Game Awards. The WB Games emblem is engraved in silver at the start of the video and then fades with a camera sweep; lastly, bronze and silver gauntlets appear on the screen. A narrator starts by addressing the daughter regarding new threats launching on the store, followed by the DC logo appearing in silver. “And I must call you home,” the narrator continues, as a quick glimpse of black hair dancing appears. As Monolith’s emblem is seen, the narrator adds, “Restore what has been broken, unite old enemies, forge new bonds,” before transitioning to a sweeping picture of leg armor and boots bursting from the floor.

The following scene in the trailer displays Wonder Woman’s symbol imprinted in front of her armor, confirming the developed suspicion. The trailer ends with a full-on close-up of the protagonist jumping into the air, brandishing her renowned whip.

About Monolith Productions

Monolith Productions has a longstanding experience of games, from which we can get an insight about the game “Wonder Woman.” Both “Shadow of Mordor” and “Shadow of War” are story-driven games that engage gamers in the Middle-Earth realm. In reality, the majority of Monolith’s games are narrative-driven with dynamic action to keep gamers enthralled. Gamers can already predict the gameplay due to their hands-on experience on games developed by Monolith Productions earlier.

Inverse revealed, if the “Wonder Woman” project is anything like “Middle Earth” games, physical fighting and combos will be emphasized, similar to “Batman: Arkham” games. “Wonder Woman” will fit well in the “Lord of the Rings” type scenario. Diana will have her gauntlets, whip and a range of additional tools with several capabilities that she may bring in to fight to spice up her combinations, much as Talion had his wraith powers.

The inclusion of the Nemesis System might be a fascinating prospect. It first appeared in “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor,” and it allowed for dynamic interplay and development between players and common adversaries. Enemies remember prior confrontations, learn from their errors, and develop their skills according to the blunders of the players. Similar traits have appeared in previous games, but this is the first time they have been featured in a superhero game. It may be what “Wonder Woman” needs to stand out from the crowd. However, gamers will undoubtedly learn more regarding this in the upcoming months.

The plot and gameplay of Wonder Woman

Though the teaser provided very little details on gameplay, controls, or the plot, the developers did reveal some of the elements we may anticipate seeing in the game. To begin with, the developer declared that narrative would be at the core of their design.

David Hewitt, the Studio Head of Monolith Productions, said that they think that player-driven narrative has the ability to bring people together. They are pleased to take participants on a one-of-a-kind personal trip inspired by Wonder Woman’s ideals.

He further announced that the future superhero game would be an open-world adventure, meaning that players will be able to explore a whole new environment when it launches.

Platforms where Wonder Woman Game will be available

The developer has not confirmed the upcoming game’s release in next-generation consoles. For the time being, we can expect the game to be launched on PlayStation 5, Xbox One X/S, and PC.

Most likely, Monolith will not release the title last-gen since it is still in the early production stage and will likely debut in 2023 or 2024. However, nothing is confirmed, and we will have to wait for a formal announcement.


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