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The Crunchyroll downloader is the latest and most hit producer and publisher of Anime. You will be amazed to know that they have a huge library of Anime. There is a lot of Anime content in store for viewers, and it is also regarded as one of the top binge-watching platforms around. However, offline viewing is the best option for those who have long distances to commute. You can use the y2mate Crunchyroll video downloader for the same. 

If there is no internet connectivity, you can download Anime videos and watch them offline today. But before you set out to download Crunchyroll content, you have to remember that not all Crunchyroll content is available for download. And, there is another thing that you have to remember. Some of these contents will expire automatically. They do not have unlimited download life. 


You should know a bit about the Japanese Anime flick. It is science fiction and romance anime, all blended into one. It is set in the dystopian future, where children are created artificially. They are created with the sole aim of defending certain people of the civilization. The story contains around 10 pilots. The storyline mainly focuses on the main protagonist Hiro. Zero Two is another prodigy whom you will be meeting in the game. This is one elite pilot and a human hybrid. 

The story revolves around the future, in which people live in technologically advanced cities. There is no law of procreation as such. That is because the inhabitants do not feel the need to procreate to engineer their desired descendants. Parasite-like children are created mechanically and kept in bird cages so that they can be made to develop various kinds of emotional responses that will help them pilot FRANXX. 

Download Crunchyroll Videos With Screen Recording Enabled

To learn how to download Crunchyroll videos, you have got to read this. You will be amazed to know that Crunchyroll is famous as an anime downloader. It has a large base of 50 million and more fans. It is also very popular with Japanese anime lovers. You can also use Windows 10 screen record to download the videos. Play your favorite anime video online and record it while it is playing. You can easily use the screen record feature while watching the video on your desktop. 

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You need to enter your login credentials, and then you can open the library, from where you can perform the Download. You need to select the Windows logo key + G to launch the Xbox game sections. The application comes built-in with your Windows 10 computer. You will find the Recording button at the left corner on the top. Click on it to begin screen recording. After doing this, you have to go back to the web browser, from where you were accessing the Crunchyroll contents. After that, you can play the videos which you want to save. The Game bar below will record the video until your switch it off. You can also turn off the recording when the video playback stops. The video should have been saved on your hard drive. You can access it from there without any issues. 

You can also do screen recording in other systems. There is a way to download Crunchyroll videos on Mac as well. Screen recording is quite easy today. There are numerous ways you can enjoy the benefits of the downloader. If you have hardware acceleration enabled, you may face a problem while screen recording. Therefore, you have to disable the same to screen record. 

Features Of Y2mate Crunchyroll Video Downloader

Y2Mate Crunchyroll Video Downloader comes with the default download feature. This is an amazing thing for a user. Moreover, such third-party software can make the process easier when you are eager to download the Crunchyroll videos for offline watches. To fulfill your desires, you must know the salient features of this interesting software. Y2Mate will be an ideal medium to enjoy the videos. Various features include;-

  • MP4 Format: You get the opportunity to save all the downloaded files in MP4 format. This format is supported all over the globe. Therefore, you need not have to verify whether it is compatible with your device or not. Enjoy the original clarity even after several downloads. 
  • Faster Downloads: There is no point in doubting the capabilities of thesoftware as far as the speed is concerned. Download Crunchyroll videos at a great rate now and ensure that you have enough space on your device. A maximum of 10 or 20 minutes will be necessary to save a whole movie. Here lies the significance of such a wonderful tool. Access the files rapidly when you choose Y2Mate as your preferred downloading software. 
  • Videos With Great Pictures and Sound: 1080p will undoubtedly bring high-class clarity to the pictures. With the Y2Mate Crunchyroll Downloader, you can experience fantastic sound qualities and high picture resolutions. Therefore, to watch your favorite content, depend on this software only. The audio track is AAC 2.0, thus making the sound so soothing and prominent to your ears. 
  • Save the metadata also: You can learn how to download videos from Crunchyroll with the help of this amazing software.Along with the content, you can now save the metadata also. It implies a brief introduction about the video, the star cast, crew members, storyline, genre, etc. Hence, the process of watching the content later will be so easy.
  • Choose the language of subtitles: Not only the metadata, but Y2Mate allows you to save the subtitles also. Often, you do not get the subtitles in the downloaded versions. This makes it challenging for many people. Hence, to eliminate this issue, you can use this incredible tool for saving the subtitles in your preferred language. Watch the content now in your native tongue for better understanding. Saving in the .srt file will ensure a secured and permanent download with the subtitles of your choice. 
  • Download in Batch Mode: It is one of the most attractive features of the Y2Mate Crunchyroll Downloader. The Batch mode download system lets you access the videos without putting in much effort. Simultaneous downloads are now possible with the help of this feature. Therefore, saving every episode of a particular season will not be an issue anymore. Moreover, automatic downloads will occur as soon as you select the download option for any one episode of a series. Any new episode will also be saved to your specified folder when it starts streaming on Crunchyroll. 
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Why Go for Y2Mate?

You should go for the Download from Y2mate Crunchyroll video downloader, as it is one of the most popular anime video download sites. Apart from Anime, it also offers a variety of other content. If you cannot watch your favorite shows online, you can download them and see them later, at your convenience. Moreover, Crunchyroll Downloaderis an open-source utility platform that helps you download shows locally and with or without subtitles. You can also convert them into MKV. The features are extremely simple, and anybody can use them. Additionally, the interface uses youtube-dl to download various content. 

Several components will be downloaded along with it for proper viewing. You do not have to take any pain downloading any link or extension. But before proceeding, you need to create a login id. If you get a premium subscription, you can download more exclusive content. 

How To Download Videos from Crunchyroll?

Here, we will take you through the most important section of the topic. Without knowing how to download Crunchyroll videos for the offline watch, you will not be able to proceed. Concentrate on reading the below-mentioned steps to enhance your skills. Once you are through the process, nothing can stop you from continuous enjoyment. 

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Step 1: Installation of Y2Mate

When you intend to watch offline, the contents of Crunchyroll like Darling Y2Mate are essential. Therefore, the primary step will be to download and install the Y2Mate Crunchyroll Downloader. Check the official site of the tool and ensure a simple download. After that, you have to scroll through the available streaming platforms. You have to choose Crunchyroll from them. 

Step 2: Look For Your Beloved Video

After getting the software, it is time to search for the concerned video. Of course, it will be the most special thing at this point. Pick it from the series of other content. Browse through the in-built browser to click open the content for downloading purposes. 

Step 3: Download For Offline Saving

This is the last and the final step. Play the video after you find it out. Choose the respective preferences for the subtitles and audio tracks. After proper configurations, you must ta on Download Now. The instant process will begin in the background. Due to the batch download facility, you can select other content also for simultaneous downloads. 


The Y2Mate Crunchyroll Downloader comes with many innovative options for the uninterrupted watch. You can now enjoy every scene and movement without any ad breaks. The outstanding sound and picture quality will surely leave you hooked to the screen. 

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