Yasuke Season 2: Renewal And Other Major Updates

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Yasuke: When is season 2 of the Netflix anime original coming?

The samurai epic “Yasuke” was recently released on Netflix. After the end of the six episodes, the calls for a sequel get louder and louder. When does season 2 start on Netflix?

The anime series ” Yasuke ” only started at the end of April on the streaming giant Netflix.

The miniseries quickly convinced fans who are now wondering whether the anime will have a second season.
For the anime series “Yakuza goes Hausmann”, the streaming service Netflix immediately announced that the comedy anime will soon have more episodes. With “Yasuke” such an announcement has so far not been made.

What are the chances for “Yasuke” season 2?

Spoiler! After the end of the six episodes, fans rightly ask themselves if and when the African samurai will continue. Season 1 ended with the battle of Yasuke against the dark general. Saki managed to fully harmonize with her powers, which ultimately sealed the general’s death. The warrior was finally able to leave his past behind and visit the grave of his fallen comrade, Natsumaru.

Despite the conciliatory ending, the chances of a continuation are not zero. Netflix likes to be generous with successful series, of which Yasuke is undoubtedly one. So a new enemy in season 2 or even an adventure that takes place long before season 1 is conceivable.

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When does “Yasuke” season 2 start?

So far, no second season of the anime series has been confirmed by Netflix. Since the animation studio, Mappa should have their hands full with further projects, such as the work on the anime for “Chainsaw Man”, you shouldn’t expect any news about “Yasuke” in the course of 2022 at the earliest.

Yasuke: Season 2 trailer.

Since not even the green light has been given for the production of a second season, there is no moving image material so far. Should a teaser or trailer for “Yasuke” Season 2 appear, you can of course find it here.

Yasuke: Production for season 2.

The animation studio Mappa delivers one cracker after the other, so it would be surprising if another studio would take over the work on the second season of “Yasuke”. But the workload of the studio is immense: fans are still eagerly awaiting the next season of “Dorohedoro” or the second season of the anime hit “Jujutsu Kaisen”.

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