Yasuke: What We Know About Season 2?

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There are only six episodes that have been released on the streaming platform’s catalog. Does that mean Netflix has plans to bring Yasuke Season 2 online very soon? Unlike the animes of our childhood, the original Netflix creations have very few episodes but they are very qualitative!

We have the first piece of good news for you: the creator of the anime revealed some information during an interview about Yasuke season 2. Find out what he announced later in this article.


Netflix has clearly stated its desire to make a place for itself in the very competitive world of anime and continually offers new products to its subscribers. By revisiting the story of the man nicknamed ” the Black Samurai “, the streaming platform risks attracting many curious people.

Yasuke season 2 isn’t ready yet but LeSean Thomas (the creator of the anime) said in a comic-book interview, “ I can’t say too much, but the response has been really great. would be great if the story continued. I can’t wait for the fans to take an interest in it, and then we’ll see. Obviously, it would be nice to have a big bang and then get things done. ”

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Obviously, LeSean Thomas has already asked the question to the streaming platform which has agreed to produce the sequel only if the first episodes achieve satisfactory audiences. We will therefore have to wait a few weeks before knowing if season 2 of Yasuke will be ordered by Netflix.

As always, the number of views will be decisive and will seal the fate of the black samurai. As soon as we have new information, this article will be updated. We will make a first update on the popularity of the anime internationally (especially in Japan and the US) before the end of the week. This will allow us to estimate if there is a chance that Yasuke Season 2 is coming to Netflix soon.

The anime is not visible in the top ten France which includes all the content present on Netflix but it is currently in eighth place of the most-watched series in France. This is good news because it means there is a good chance that Netflix will agree to produce Yasuke season 2.

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At the level of the world ranking, the anime has a little more difficult to convince because it stagnates in the 21st place. Yasuke is very popular especially in African countries, where it is very often on the podium. The most important point is that, unlike many fictions, the one nicknamed “the black samurai” has entered the top ten of the most viewed series in the United States! This is one of the most important rankings since the majority of subscribers reside in the US.

For now, we estimate that there is an 85% chance that Netflix will order Yasuke Season 2. There has still been no official announcement regarding a possible release date…


The platform cannot announce a date when production has not yet started, especially with the health crisis which could slow down the process. Since this is an anime, there will be no filming, so it is not likely to be interrupted. It is almost impossible to anticipate the release date of season 2 of Yasuke because it was not even officially commissioned by Netflix.

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Draftsmen and dubbers can work without endangering themselves thanks to telework. If Netflix agrees to produce the sequel, we estimate that Yasuke’s Season 2 release date will be April 2022. We can’t tell you the exact day because we’re not even sure new episodes will be released in a year.

It is possible that Yasuke season 2 was prepared in the greatest of secrets (it has happened in the past for other animes). This would mean that we could find our hero in September or October 2021. Obviously, this is only a guess.

While waiting to know the release date of season 2 of Yasuke on Netflix.

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