Yona Of The Dawn Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

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It’s been so many years now since the anime Yona of the Dawn arrived. Since then, fans have been waiting for the series renewal, and unluckily we do not have any word on the same. The show Yona of The Dawn season 2 is based on the manga by Mizuho Kusanagi. The show ran from 2014 to 2015 for 24 episodes and also had three original video animation specials in 2016. But since then, there’s nothing out there about the show.

The story is a famous one because it has targeted female viewers. Yona of The Dawn is about the red-haired only princess of Kouka and the daughter of the pacifist King II. She is now forbidden to marry her crush Su-Won, the son of her father’s brother, and she doesn’t realize her kingdom is about to experience a violent political coup with the hands of Su-Won.

This has caused her to run away with her friend Son Hak by learning the unsavory truth about the kingdom she actually thought was flourishing. All of this then leads her to a search for the legendary Four Dragon Warriors in a bid to win back her father’s kingdom. It also gets her new adventures and will involve pirates, human trafficking, and more.

For all the fans out there, we have collected all the possible information about Yona Of The Dawn season 2. Read on further to know details about the release date, plot, characters, and more.

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Release date of Yona of the Dawn season 2

At present, there is no word on the future second season of Yona of The Dawn. We also don’t have any release date for the show. It is not terribly unusual for the anime series to have multiple long-haul pauses because even after such long breaks, makers announce changes in the series status.

Therefore the official status for season 2 is pending. We can still hope for series renewal because of its previous season popularity. The series got a rating of 8.03 from 337,731 votes by MyAnimeList. Things look pretty good for the series to make a comeback with all of this. Additionally, plenty of manga material is left to bring out the new season.

The Plot of Yona of the Dawn season 2

Like many other anime shows, the plot of Yona Of The Dawn season is expected to follow the manga series. The first season of the show adapted the first eight volumes of Manga. On the other hand, the OVA content covered all of volume 18 of Manga. As far as the second season is concerned, we can expect it to be based on the chapter of the books starting with Volume 9. In this, the plotline will make Yona and the dragons ready for the battle against Su-Won and his allies to save the kingdom.

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But of course, this will not be easy, and also, at the same time, Yona and her friends must deal with taxes, bandits, fire festivals, and many other incidents. While in the meantime, Su-Won makes war preparations. Now, if the series follows the storyline from Manga, fans will get to see a focus on the White Dragon and kija. They will also see a flashback look of the childhood of Su-Won, Yona, and Hak that has shaped them into what they are today.

Also, it is at the moment difficult for us to speculate what can surely happen because there’s a long gap between the seasons. However, one thing that we do know is that there won’t be any major changes.

Cast of Yona of the Dawn season 2

The first season of Yona of The Dawn is available to stream on Hulu in its dubbed versions. The series happens to have a very good English dubbed series that features experienced and well-known voice actors. Some of them include actor Monica Rial as the title character, Clifford Chapin plays Yun, Christopher R. Sabat players Son Hak, Micah Solusod plays Su-Won, and Ian Sinclair plays Gija.In addition to that, it is too early to predict any kind of casting issues for the particular series. So, hopefully, all the main voice cast and characters will make a return for season two.

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What is Yona of the Dawn About? 

The story of Yona Of The Dawn circulates around the life of Princess Yona
who is living a very blissful and happy life? Everything is amazing during her father’s rule in the kingdom. But the problem arises when Yona’s cousin Su-won kills her father to take over the throne. Due to all of this, Yona runs away from her kingdom along with her childhood friend Son Hak and both of them set off on a journey to Hak’s hometown and attempt to find the descendants of the legendary four dragon warriors. They help them retrieve the kingdom from Yona’s cousin and then set things in the order they should be.

In the end, all we can say is that the anime world is full of surprises, and if there’s a renewal of this show, we can get an official announcement from 2022 to 2023. Considering that, we can expect the new season to arrive in a while. So until then, stay tuned to our website and keep following us for all the updates regarding your favorite anime series.

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