You Season 3: Release Date? Here’s Everything A Fan Must Know

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The Netflix series with Penn Badgley in the lead role was a huge success. Season 2 of “You – You Will Love Me” was last shown in December 2019. Since then, fans have been waiting for the series about bookseller and murderer Joe Goldberg to finally continue. Since the shooting was unfortunately interrupted due to Corona, we have to be patient a little longer. Because production for the new season is not expected to start again until October or November. It will likely be until the spring of 2021 for Season 3 to air on Netflix. Pity! The first two seasons aired on December 26th – this year there will probably be a Christmas without new stalker stories!

“You” season 3 officially confirmed

Yaay: The third season “You will love me” was officially confirmed by series maker Sera Gamble in January 2020! In February the news followed that the actors were starting to shoot! However – you already guessed it – the shooting had to be paused due to Corona. This is the fate that struck many Netflix series: filming of “Riverdale” was halted for six months.

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“You” – You will love me: That happened in season 2

Warning, spoilers: If you haven’t seen the second season, don’t read any further! For everyone else: The focus of the second season was Joe’s old flame Love (Victoria Pedretti). The two fall in love again and at first it seems as if she will become the new victim of the stalker and murderer. But towards the end of the series, the tide turns and Love turns out to be a psychopath. She’s almost a lot worse than Joe! In the finale, the audience learns that Joe’s Love is pregnant and the two are moving. The series ends with Joe already targeting a new victim: his neighbor. Whom could that be? We are excited!

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