Young Sheldon: Why the prequel is different from what was narrated in The Big Bang Theory

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Young Sheldon: Why the prequel is different from what was narrated in The Big Bang Theory

Young Sheldon premiered season 5 in October 2021 through the CBS broadcast network. The series, which follows teenage Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage), returned Thursday this week, while the final episode is scheduled to air on May 19, with a wild storyline and plot line that moves the prequel away from the essence of The Big Bang Theory.

The hit show that was renewed through season 7, with the season 5 finale it will be immersing itself in a narrative with a novel approach. This is something the Young Sheldon writers really enjoy, according to Steve Molaro, co-creator of the CBS sitcom.

The spin-off Young Sheldon may take inspiration from The Big Bang Theory, but the show’s creators have put a creative spin on it, with the purpose of taking the show towards the dramatic. Evidence of this is what is happening with the extramarital interests of George Cooper and Mary, the parents of Sheldon Cooper. According to Molaro, he told TVLine that these are some of the plot lines that are constantly evolving.

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And it is that the fans are not only seeing a novel with the narrative of George and Mary in Young Sheldon. The pregnancy of Mandy, Georgie’s girlfriend, is another of the arcs that greatly accentuates the differences between the prequel and The Bing Bang Theory, which was a program full of humor and that never or rarely included this type in its stories. of frames.

This soap opera approach could continue in the sixth season of Young Sheldon, which will surely focus on Georgie and Mandy during their pregnancy. The next installment should also give fans a glimpse of the adventure’s storyline, the groundwork for which was laid by the writers in the upcoming installment.

Many fans of The Big Bang Theory are likely wondering why Young Sheldon is moving away from the stories told by Sheldon Cooper in the original sitcom. According to Steve Molaro, for creative reasons the writers did not tie the prequel to the series that preceded it, which concluded in May 2019.

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In a recent interview with TVLine, the co-creator admitted that while Young Sheldon pays homage by referencing The Big Bang Theory in many ways, not everything is set in stone, and therefore the writers aren’t obligated to do everything. said Sheldon Cooper in the comedy that ended after 12 seasons. The truth is that history is veering in a completely different direction.

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