Zac Efron suffered from depression due to the diet he followed for his role in ‘Baywatch’

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Zac Efron has revealed that he fell into a deep depression while training for his 2017 film, ‘Baywatch’.

The 34-year-old, who sported an extremely strong physique in the film, said in a new interview with Men’s Health that the intense training and consumption of diuretics caused him to become deeply depressed.

The Hollywood star also suffered from insomnia and felt “burned out” after so much physical and emotional work.

Zac was taking Lasix, a famous diuretic, to get his older man look in the movie, which ended up affecting his mental health.

“I began to suffer from insomnia and fell into a very strong depression for a long time, something from that experience burned me, it took me a lot to refocus, in the end the doctors said that I took too many diuretics for a long time and that spoiled something, “revealed the actor.

Although the former star of the hit ‘High School Musical’ had a heart attack physique five years ago, he feels happy now with a higher percentage of body fat.

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Previously, the interpreter had revealed to the publication that he stopped consuming carbohydrates to lose weight and look amazing on the tape.

“When I shot ‘Baywatch,’ I didn’t eat a carb for, like, six months. I almost lost my mind. I needed this. I still can’t get over that this low-carb, low-protein diet is the exact opposite of what any trainer has taught me.” “, said.

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