Zack Snyder Announces ‘Rebel Moon’ RPG Video Game in the Works

Raymond McKinnon

Published on:

Zack Snyder, the film director behind the upcoming Netflix sci-fi film Rebel Moon, has announced that he is working on a role-playing game (RPG) adaptation of the movie. Speaking to The Nerd Queens, Snyder revealed that the RPG will be set in the Rebel Moon universe and will have a completely realised universe from the film. Although Snyder did not provide further details, he did mention that “there’s more coming” in the future. Rebel Moon is set to arrive on Netflix in December 2021 and follows the story of a peaceful colony making a stand against the armies of a tyrannical regent. It is unclear whether Snyder’s Rebel Moon game and Netflix Game Studio’s untitled RPG are the same project. The latter was revealed to be working on a AAA third-person RPG earlier this year.

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