Zazie: Her 20-year-old “circassian” daughter, secrets about Lola who left the family nest

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From the relationship between Zazie and Fabien Cahen was born a little girl, Lola, 20 years old. If dogs don’t make cats, Lola has decided to embark on a completely different journey from that of her parents, performer and musician. It is indeed in a completely different field that the young woman has found her way…

We now thought of her far from the set of The Voice but Zazie, after several years off the show, chose to return alongside Amel Bent, Bigflo and Oli et Vianney. Interviewed by TV 2 Weeks on the occasion of this big comeback, Zazie, Isabelle de Truchis de Varenne of her real name, spoke about the blind auditions, her meeting with Vianney whom she met for the first time on the set, Florent’s illness Pagny and the impact of his role as coach on his family life in particular.

Unlike many children who would feel immense pride watching their mom on TV every Saturday night, Lola, the singer’s only 20-year-old daughter, doesn’t really have time to spend time in front of the screens. For the simple and good reason that her activity (she is a member of a circus troupe) keeps her very busy: “My daughter is Circassian and no longer lives with me, she says during the interview. She has other fish to fry than following her mother on TV.”

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No single, studio albums or zenith tours for the young Lola who, unlike her parents Zazie and Fabien Cahen, did not choose the path of music to flourish on a daily basis. The circus is also a discipline that interests her and that she has been practicing for nearly ten years. One of his sessions in 2013 had also earned him a lot of trauma.

We heard the shots

Zazie did not force her daughter to follow the path of the studios and the stage. At least not the same as her. As the singer picks her up after a lesson, mother and daughter witness the worst horrors and discover the extent of the damage from the Paris attacks of November 13, 2015: “I went to pick her up at the circus and we both drove past La Bonne Bière, maybe 15 seconds after the shooting. There was silence on the spot… In the distance, we could hear the gunshots at Little Cambodia. Lola almost passed out” Seeing the bodies and the dead on the terraces had a considerable impact on Zazie and her daughter: “We each went to see a shrink. You have to learn to live with that.“A terrible memory which, despite all the efforts and the sessions with the doctor, will remain indelible.

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