Zombies on a train in new photos from The Walking Dead season 11

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Zombies on a train in new photos from The Walking Dead season 11

The Walking Dead will end with its season 11, which opens on August 22 at AMC. The chain has released several images of the expected delivery that reveal that even the subway is dominated by zombies.

In one of the photos you can see a train car full of walkers. Another of the images is starring Daryl y Maggie, who guide a group through a subway station. Carol, Magna and Kelly, armed and in the forest, they appear in another of the snapshots.

Perhaps the most revealing photo is the one starring Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko Y Princess. The group was captured by some mysterious soldiers, apparently members of the Commonwealth. In this image you can see the four of them together.

Season 11 will feature 24 episodes and will be divided into eight blocks of eight chapters each. As AMC has anticipated, the installment will focus on the recovery of Alexandria, which tries to feed its growing number of residents after the devastation left by the fight against the Whisperers.

Although The Walking Dead is nearing its end, the TWD universe will continue to grow. In addition to la temporada 7 de Fear The Walking Dead, fans will be able to enjoy the second installment of World Beyond; the movie trilogy of Rick Grimes and the spin-off starring Carol y Daryl. Also, Jeffery Dean Morgan has dropped that his character’s story, Negan, it won’t end with the end of The Walking Dead.

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